Adapting a Standard Burglar Alarm Box to Connect to SmartThings


I currently have a requirement to install a burglar alarm in my house and I’d like to build something a bit smarter than the ring-fenced offerings from Yale or Swann for example.
My research to date tells me that SmartThings would provide all I need in terms of compatible sensors and cameras, but in the UK there isn’t a smart external alarm box/siren. This is a vital part of the setup as I’m focussing on visual deterrent first and foremost.
How feasible would it be to adapt a standard alarm box like this one, with the Z-Wave plug in module?
If it’s possible, how reliable would it be? What other considerations are there? I’m being vague as I don’t currently own a SmartThings hub.


I don’t know that you’ll find too many people on here that recommend ST as a security solution at this point.

But if you insist on trying it, there are many possible solutions. you could probably use something simple like a Radio turned up loudly into a controlled outlet. Or if you can find a siren with Input terminals you could use a zwave relay to send a signal to it.

Right now, I don’t use ST for security. The reliability of the system in general isn’t there for me to trust it.

Another way which I’ve toyed about is plugging a strobe/ flashing lights (like those in emergency services) to a smart plug.