More than 4 cameras so using two hubs in my house


I want to have 4 indoor cameras and 3 outdoor cameras (dlink 2330)

To do this I will need two hubs running off my router

As I understand it I will basically have two separate zones (hubs) in my house, and the connections on each will not be able to cross hub interact. This is fine as I’m thinking my outside cameras will just be on pretty much 24/7 except when I’m in the garden.

And and I’ll try and get around dlink cameras poor night vision as I will have security lights with motion sensors (not smart things) which will light up the garden to give decent camera footage

Anyone done similar or see flaws in my plan ?

Hi @lookalikey,

Is there a camera limit within ST that you need 2 hubs?

Yeh 4 cameras to a hub

Thanks, didn’t know that. Is that documented somewhere?

Really??? that is really ridiculous if it is true.

@Rooster9376 Apparently so:

@slagle @Tyler, that was posted back in September. Is that still true?

Yup still true it’s due to cameras streaming to hub for recording hence the limit

Don’t think it us the hubs fault but a design flaw, even with 4 streaming constantly it saturated my wifi network and I disabled it. The design flaw is constant streaming so it doesn’t Loose the few seconds before an alarm… I haven’t thought of a better way to do it but for me this way clearly does not work.