Camera Intergration

(Ray Kiernan) #1

I am new to the smarthings environment and I wanted to purchase some cameras for video surveillance and have a good degree of integration with the Samsung hub.

I have been reading all the reviews of Blink and the Arlo system and will purchase one of these systems but I also wanted to purchase the Skybell for front door and Kuna for another porch to be monitored.

This may seem like a silly question but in reading the specs for the hub it stated that it will support up to 4 cameras, does that mean I can only have something like 3 arlos, and a skybell integrated into the hub ad no other cameras.
Thanks Ray


You can mix and match cameras. Just make certain your network can handle the trafic and you have enough bandwidth.

(Ray Kiernan) #3

Thanks but is 4 the absolute limit no matter the manufacturer


Not true. There are people on ST threads which have 10+ cameras. Check the Blink thread. I believe I have read someone say 16 cameras. But than you may need a secondary Blink hub in order to split the load on the ST interface.

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I am trying to get away from monthly subscriptions to add extra charges
I know you can have 10 cameras with each sync module
I guess the question I am trying to ask is how Smarthings counts these and how they integrate with the system
For example are 5 Blink cameras counted as one by Smarthings, a skybell doorbell as another, a Samsung HD cam


Ok. If these integrations can answer some or all parts of your question.

FYI, Skybell officially integrated with SmartThings and you are now able to added it directly in the ST app marketplace.