GE Z-Wave Plus outdoor module $32 w/Prime

GE Z-Wave Plus outdoor module $32

I do have 2 of those and really like it.
Had another 3 on backorder till today, but cancelled for those:
Those are DUAL outlets:


A little off topic, have you seen any indoor dual outlets? Either in wall or plug? I would like to make sure the curling iron never gets left on.

The Inovelli above appear to have indoor and outdoor plugs. There are different options on the Amazon link. The indoor is pretty cheap for two plugs, so I might just have to check those out. I have a few of the GE outdoor outlets because they’re on clearance for $21 at the Walmarts around me. I don’t have a use for them yet, but for that price I’ll find a use!

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Upon seeing this I was thinking that I wish I’d gotten it instead of two of the Jasco for $29.99 each I took delivery on a week ago.

Then it occurred to me that if the dual unit goes down, then both outlets are also down… while with the jasco, if one goes down the other remains functional.

That said, the price/functionality ratio of the dual unit is terrific.

Nice, ordered one to try. I can think of several uses for a dual outlet. Thanks.

Well, I overlooked the obvious…thanks!

got Inovelli yesterday. It’s obviously bigger than GE, but its DUAL outlet. Paired in seconds.
Great product so far.

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Cold weather report on these: now that I have them protected from precipitation and they have a clean comm path to indoor zwave repeaters, these things work great. The past few days we’ve seen temps near zero F, and the devices are all working flawlessly.

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Not quite as cold here but wind chills were about 6-7F overnight and the outlet was facing the windy side of the house. No issues with the GE.

Inanimate objects can’t feel the wind. Feels like wind-chill only effects living breathing animals.


Okay Bill Nye :smirk:. Well it was still freaking cold, lol.