Outdoor temperature/humidity readings?

(Rob Klemm) #1

I’d like to get the outdoor temperature and humidity, and trigger events based on this (don’t need something that senses anything else at the moment). I’ve been looking around for a simple outdoor sensor, but everything I have seen seems to be for indoor use. Does this exist?

An alternative that would work (and be much cheaper, so I think I would prefer it, actually) would be to get the info from the web for my zip through a webservice or the like. Perhaps this has been covered, but I haven’t found anything in my hunt around the site.

Thanks for any info.

(Brian Steere) #2

Through the web ide you can add a device called the SmartWeather Station Tile. If you search the forums, you should be able to find instructions.

(Barry) #3

ST and the SmartWeather Tile use Weather Underground for their data.

For better accuracy to your home, a little trick in the implementation is that you can specify your zip code (default), city, or even SPECIFIC WEATHER STATIONS with the ST app. Simply enter “pws:” without the quotes, and where is the Nearest WU station to your home (which you can find on the wunderground.com page). Mine is pws:KMATYNGS02, for example.

(typo fixed 2014/09/14)

(Chrisb) #4

I’d also say the use the weather station tile. But, if you REALLY want to do it via a device, the AEON motion sensor is rated for outdoor use. And, in addition to motion, it reports temp, humidity, and lums as well.

(esung) #5

Thank you for this tip! For clarification it’s pws: . I first tried paws:XXXXXXXX which didn’t work, but now I’m getting a very accurate update from the nearest weather station. Thanks.

(esung) #6

I hope this gets to work with ST.

(Rob Klemm) #7

A very-belated thanks for the info. I ended up using this tile as recommended. One problem I ran into is it seemed to require manual intervention to update, but then I found a SmartApp which updates this tile every hour, which really did the trick.

This means towards home automation is definitely a work in progress not for the faint of heart (working on debugging a program for my 2gig CT100 thermostat now), but I am definitely enjoying it.