Outside Temperature

Does anyone know of a simple sensor that than tell me what the temperature is outside. Cant seem to find any which are weatherproof"!

Netatmo weather station. Might be more than what you’re looking for.

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Thanks, was hoping something far simpler and cheaper was available!

There’s also these.

If you can do a little programming you can use ST_Anything + a DTH22 sensor which is good from -40 to 80* C. https://www.adafruit.com/product/385. Probably the cheapest option but its a little DYI.

Is the SmartWeather SmartApp still a thing? That will give you weather for your zipcode.

Yeah, the SmartWeather Station tile is still a device type. Just add a new device, choose the SmartWeather Station Tile type. I think itll prompt you for a Zip Code and will update the outdoor temp based on Wunderground data.

No need to buy any sensors.

I use the weather station tile because I find it to be “good enough.” I suppose whether the OP agrees would depend on the exact use case.

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Thanks. I mostly asked becuase it seems like I have to open the device detail and hit the refresh icon to get it to update. Obviously this isn;t ideal if you want to utilize this info for anything.