Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor (2024)

Found some old discussions on this, but decided to make a new thread as the sensors have probably developed and some of the suggested solutions obsolete (IDE).

I’m looking for a ST-compatible temperature sensor for outdoor use. Humidity measurement would be good too but not absolutely necessary. Temp range something like -4 to +86 F (-20 to +30 C) at minimum. Battery operated.
Zigbee or Zwave, both ok.

Actually, I don’t think there’s been much new in this category for Zigbee and zwave in the last few years except new generations of the older devices, but from the same manufacturers. :thinking: while it’s true the old groovy architecture is gone, so all custom groovy DTHs (device type handlers) are all obsolete, in most cases these now run with stock or manufacturer-provided edge drivers. So all good there. (The exception would be kumostat wireless tags. Still good devices, but there’s no longer any ST integration.)

However, matter has introduced a few new options if you’re willing to consider those. So I’m listing them as well.

Also, you didn’t say what country you’re in (the device selection does vary), but since you gave the temperature range in Fahrenheit, I’m going to assume US for now. If that’s not correct, let us know.

So, let’s see…

  1. For zwave, Aeotec is a solid choice with manufacturer-provided edge drivers. These aren’t fully rainproof, but a lot of people use them in sheltered locations where they work well. They have several models of multi sensors, so read the product descriptions to see what features each has.

Manufacturer-provided edge drivers:

  1. Zooz XS temperature/humidity sensor. Newest model of their “ok outdoors in sheltered locations” sensor. Manufacturer provides an edge driver (which they call “Lua driver”) once you register the product. Zwave 800. :sunglasses:
  1. Fibaro Multisensor. Again, sheltered locations only. There is a community created edge driver for it.

  2. Sensative Comfort Strips. These should be perfect, but I no longer recommend them because too many community members have said that the batteries only lasted a year or so when they were supposed to last 10. Since the batteries are not replaceable, that makes them just too expensive unless you absolutely need to have something that thin.

Zigbee options

  1. Phillips Hue outdoor motion sensor, has great weatherproofing and reports temperature, Lux, and motion. But no humidity. This is a nice device, I have One outdoors on each side of my house. Excellent weatherproofing. There is a community created edge driver so you can use it connected directly to a SmartThings/aeotec hub, you don’t need to use a Hue bridge with it.



  1. there are a bunch of inexpensive Zigbee brands, including aqara, xioami, Tuya by many different brands, but they’re all intended for indoor use only and use inexpensive materials. I’m sure there are some people using them outdoors in sheltered locations, but they don’t typically last a long time in that environment. So I’ll leave it to others too discuss their personal experiences with those. Make sure you ask them if they had the device in an outdoor location for more than a year. :thinking:

Some of these will have matter support as long as you get the brand’s own matter bridge as well, which may make them a bit more reliable and removes the need for custom code.

Other protocols:

  1. this is new and nice as long as you’re willing to use the brand’s own hub as an intermediary.

SwitchBot has introduced an indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor, same Level of weatherproofing as the Hue, But no lux sensor. This is a cloud to cloud integration with SmartThings’ support from the manufacturer. (For others reading along, that integration works even if you don’t have a smartthings/Aeotec hub)

Or as long as you have the SwitchBot hub two (not the hub mini) and a smartthings/Aeotec hub you can use a local matter integration. I have quite a few SwitchBot devices in my own home and find them to be well-made and reliable.

This link is 4 sensors and the hub 2 on sale for just under $100. (It’s the bundle with five items.) I strongly recommend getting the SwitchBot Hub 2 instead of the mini hub, because the Hub 2 already supports matter. I have both and use the Hub 2 with a matter integration to smartthings, which makes it local instead of cloud to cloud. If you’ve already have a SwitchBot hub, you can get the individual sensors for $15 each.


In summary:

To answer your question, not much has changed for Z wave and Zigbee, just newer generation models. If you don’t need humidity, the Phillips hue Zigbee outdoor motion sensor has temperature and Lux readings and excellent weatherproofing.

But if you are looking for a temperature/humidity sensor, and are willing to consider matter and use a brand’s own “matter bridge“, SwitchBot has a nice offering introduced in the last year. Specifically designed for outdoor use with excellent weatherproofing, and no custom code required. :sunglasses::umbrella:

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I can also recommend Hue, especially if you can think of some use for the motion sensor (I use them for lights and turning on/off my Arlo cameras).
I´ve been using them in outside temperatures between +30C and -30C and they´ve always worked perfectly. They also have really good range and battery life + they probably have good availability almost in every country. Only downside is that they´re little bit pricey but I think they´re worth every penny what comes to reliability and quality.


Thank you for responding, both of you! My apologies for getting back to this only now.

Indeed, Hue seems to be a very interesting option. The humidity data is not absolutely necessary but would be nice to have.

The country setting is actually Finland. In case you have some more suggestions based on that, please let me know. I used Fahrenheit first since I assumed that many readers here are from the USA and it would be easier to get the temps.

What about these community made edge drivers, are they 100 % safe to use? I mean, are they pretty much open source so that the community knows “what is inside”, i.e. no-one can do sth shady? Especially when cameras are involved, would need to be sure.


Not 100%, no. But then there aren’t any edge drivers that I know of for cameras anyway, this is not a device class that smartthings has ever had much support for.

For further discussion of the integrity issues, see point 9 in the community FAQ on edge:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Thanks again!