Outdoor Temperature Data Frequently Updated

I’m trying to create an alert for when to close my windows (in the morning) or open them (in the evening) to reduce AC usage.

I initially started by using the SmartWeather Station Tile. However that only updates every 3 hours. For what I’m trying to do that’s not frequent enough.

Second I tried leveraging my PurpleAir temperature sensor. It works fairly well in the morning but is very slow to cool down in the evening.

Any suggestions on a good external temperature source that I can get at least 15-minute updates on? Preferably 5.

I believe you can force more frequent updates of the SmartWeather Station Tile by using WebCore to do refreshes of the tile.

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Haha brilliant!

One better, while researching that I learned that WebCore has $twcweather built in. Problems solved it appears. Thanks!

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Good to know