Outdoor Sirens for UK? (2018)


(Robin) #21

You’ll get a small delay with any presence methods, the zigbee arrival sensors ping every 20 seconds so you can still be shown as away if you walk up the driveway too fast.

For response times I’m finding the webCoRE presence to be the best, I have it on test sending me SMS messages on arrival and departure, and it’s almost instant.

Obviously batteries can fail in the arrival sensors as well, but you get plenty of warning for that and can setup a notification for when it’s below 20%

Using webcore you can setup some very complex rules though, so something like the following is easily achieved:

{Any of Person X, Y or Z’ Presence IS present
SHM is Armed}
{Switch X turns on
Switch Y turns on}
Disarm SHM

Any of Contact X, Y or Z’s Contact IS Open
Any of Motion X, Y or Z’s Motion IS Active
SHM is Armed
THEN (cancel on condition change)
chime siren
wait 20 seconds
Sound Siren
send SMS
flash the lights
shoot the cat
Turn off Siren

The above will give you 20 seconds to enter and turn off the alarm manually (using the example switch X followed by switch Y combination)


That’s hardly fair on the cat :stuck_out_tongue:

Just clarifying, Robin, you mention webCoRE presence being the best, is that with the arrival sensors as you preferred earlier, or are both arrival sensor performance and mobile presence performance improved? What changes are in webCoRE that would affect this; is it running locally for example?


WebCore does not run locally. At the present time the only thing that runs locally is most of the official smart lights feature (if all of the devices included in a rule are using device type handlers which run locally) and some bits of smart home monitor. But no custom code runs locally, many device type handlers do not run locally, routines do not run locally, mode changes do not run locally and nothing involving presence runs locally. :disappointed_relieved:

(Robin) #24

Mobile V arrival sensor… they both have pros and cons.

Arrival sensors are my preferred option, for reliability reasons such a local execution (for what’s it worth) and not relying on the mobile network / phone battery. However the webCoRE mobile presence tends to fire quicker upon arrival / departure.

A combination of the two is always a good method, basically turn off the alarm for whichever sensor arrives first.

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne I just installed a SmartSense Multi Sensor in the weekend on my Front Door. Was reporting nicely on my ST app and online account but this morning it seems to be showing as unavailable and last activity was it reported the temperature 11 hours ago. Tried opening and closing the door to see if that triggers it to go back online but nothing. Any ideas what can cause this? If this happens when system is armed I guess backup sensors like motion etc is essential.

Also, what happens if it becomes unavailable after a last activity of open status, will ST keep thinking it’s open and trigger the rule for it?

(Robin) #26

Yep, the ST sensors do that!!! You have to pull the battery and put it back in again to reset the device… I gave up on them ages ago and started using Fibaro Contact Sensors.

ST will assume the door is still open if it hangs when the door is open… I’m not sure what SHM does when armed with a door open but probably nothing… needs a change of state to trigger I believe.

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It seemed to have tried to connect when I opened the door and now it is stuck on Open state LOL. That is rather useless. I’ve only had it installed a few days. How good are the ST motion sensors are they just as bad? Sorry this might sound like a silly question but what is SHM you refer to?

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@RobinWinbourne are you using the fibaro FGK-101 door and window sensors? So far i’ve got the dimmer 2 modules from fibaro and love how good they’ve been.

(Robin) #29

The ST motion sensors are ok… but they also freeze when battery gets below around 20% and because you can’t adjust their sensitivity, they often see ghost events in certain environments.

SHM = Smart Home Monitor… Armed / Armed (Home) / Disarmed

if you haven’t already, activate SHM via the dashboard tab in the ST app.

(Ahmed) #30

Also, how reliable is the Presence Tag that is supplied by ST in the kits? or is there better Presence Tags?

(Robin) #31

I love the arrival sensors… most reliable for presence IMHO.

Helps to have a strong zigbee mesh though to prevent drop-outs… I just put a ST outlet in my loft to spread the signal around a bit.

(Ahmed) #32

That’s great. So does that mean if I have a device on ST outlet or even nothing plugged into ST outlet as long as it is turned on it can make the zigbee mesh stronger?

(Robin) #33

Most mains devices act as repeaters in the mesh, as long as they have power, it doesen’t matter if its switched on or if something is attached to it.

Few exceptions to this are things like smoke alarms which are designed to prioritise safety over repeating. And there are a lot of smart bulbs that wont repeat as well.

Battery devices will never repeat signals.

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne I just removed the ST multi sensor from the mounting bracket and bought it and placed it near the garden door which is about 4 or 5 meters away without doors from the ST hub and ST seems to have picked it up again. So wondering maybe I should mount this on on the garden patio door. It was originally installed on the front door which is about 8 meters away with a interior fire door in blocking it which is always kept closed.

When I was originally trying to discover this sensor from the front door, it just wasn’t picking it up. I had to bring the sensor close to the ST hub for it to discover it.

(Robin) #35

Sounds like you need some zigbee repeaters in your mesh.

(Ahmed) #36

I moved it back to the front door and re-mounted it and seems to be reporting ok now. Will see if the same thing happens again. Are you using the Fibaro FGK-101 door sensors?

(Robin) #37



I like the external wiring terminals that can be used with external dry contacts… you can wire neater sensors onto the door and hide the bigger unit somewhere else.

(Ahmed) #38

I bought a fibaro door sensor. I will move the front door ST one to the back door and use the new fibaro one on the front door.

I added the ST presence sensor to my ST hub today. In the app there doesn’t seem to be battery percentage status for the presence sensor like there is on the multi sensor. Is this normal?

Also there is a speaker icon for the presence sensor on the ST app and if I click on it, the presence sensor beeps after a while. Is this to be able to find it?and how do you stop the beep?

(Robin) #39

It beeps 3-4 times to help you find your keys and them stops itself.

I haven’t used the default device handler for the arrival sensors in a very long time, but I do remember them having the battery percentage… it does take a while to report battery status so maybe it will appear in a day or two.

I use this device handler, it gives the ability to disable the sensor i.e. make it appear away when it’s present.

(Ahmed) #40

Thanks @RobinWinbourne The battery status is now showing. I’ve installed that handler now. Can you tell me what the on and off button actually does? When I press it, it just changes from on or off but what does it actually do? If it’s off does that mean ST hub will not monitor it? So for example this morning I left for work and the sensor is now away. If I change the status to Off does that meant when I return home it will not detect me?