Outdoor Sirens for UK? (2018)


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Correct, when ‘off’ it locks the current status to ‘away’… when turned back on, if you are already home it takes several minutes to report as present.

Just be aware that you loose local processing by using a custom handler, never been a deal breaker for me but for others that’s a big deal.

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@RobinWinbourne I finally got round to enabling SHM trying out the basic rules for now before I attempt to move over to something like webCore.

The SHM has Armed (Away), Armed (Home), and Disarmed. ST also has Modes called Home, Night, Away. What can these modes be used for? Aren’t these essentially similar to SHM states? If in certain state and certain conditions met then change state etc.?

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They are two completely different things… but can essentially be used in the same way giving you compounded modes.

Day - Armed
Day - Armed Stay
Day - Disarmed
Night - Armed
Night - Armed Stay
Night - Disarmed

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Thanks. any examples of what I can do with the two combinations?

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Not really… I never use modes lol… but I do use SHM as a switch.

I write conditions directly into my webCoRE pistons

SHM is armed
Any of Contact X, Y or Z ARE open
sound alarm

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne

You mentioned in one of the post above that you chime the siren and wait 20 seconds to allow for disarming in other ways. Can you tell me how you chime the siren? I am using a D-Link DCH-Z510 but only seems to sound an alarm sound very very very loud

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You have to use webCoRE to send a chime (ding-dong) command… it’s a custom command built into the handler that SHM / most other apps cannot see.

I use the same chime for my doorbell as well.

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne any experience on the dlink-dch-z510.groovy handler for the siren as a chime?

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne I added that device handler and then edited the siren to that device type. Then since then it has been stuck on offline status. Tried reverting back to the aeon siren but still offline. So i went to the Z-Wave utilities to exclude it and remove it. While in that section I pressed the pairing button quickly 3 times and it lit up and gave me a successful exclusion message. However, I am now not able to pair it at all. I go to add new thing and tried all combinations of pressing the pairing button but nothing makes it show up. Any ideas what is wrong?

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Is this procedure in order to reset it completely? Do I still need to then go back to Add a Thing in ST and add it after this? and If so what is the combination I press when ST is looking for devices?

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RTFM LOL (only kidding)

The reset procedure restores the device back to factory, so you’ll need to do the include again, same as you did before.

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LOL thanks. Will try this tomorrow as I don’t want to wake anyone up now if it accidentally goes off

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I am thinking to add the backup batteries to the sirens. What are the chances of the siren going off accidentally without any ST triggers? For example, lets say ST looses internet connection for long time or SHM is armed but then it looses internet connection when you enter the house and hence I assume it won’t be able to run the if else conditions to either automatically disarm or even send a trigger to the siren. For the siren to go off, it needs a trigger right? so technically unless a ST rule is triggered either manually or via one of the routines because of either a condition matching or a false alarm causing it to match. I am worried that if I put batteries in it and if my internet connection fails and it goes off then I wont be able to turn it off via the ST app or Alexa etc and neither will i be able to pull the plug.

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ST does have very rare ghost events where things randomly turn on, but that’s a bug in the hub / cloud sending the commands, not the devices themselves randomly turning on. It’s never happened to my siren though.

I do have a failsafe rule though, set to turn off the siren after 10 minutes of staying on… saves the neighbours sanity should there be a false alarm.

As you are using a custom handler, the siren is entirely reliant on the cloud, so a SHM rule to turn it on won’t fire without internet connectivity and power to the hub.

If the siren gets triggered by a rule before the internet / power fails, then you won’t be able to turn it off, short of physically sliding it off it’s cradle and pulling the battery.

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Thanks @RobinWinbourne Just been looking at some of the routines in ST and as you said last time I think for creating a good enough security system I dont think it’s good enough without something like webCoRE. I can only seem to create basic rules like turn SHM mode to Armed (Away) if X Y Z presence sensors are away. Then set to disarmed if any one of these are present.

But problem then comes if I want to create rules like, if armed (away) and x y or z sensor is triggered and none of the presence sensors are present then chime siren for x seconds giving you time to disarm then sound the siren etc. This isn’t possible with ST right?

Also noticed that when you set up SHM you can set what action to do when in armed mode, for example send notification etc. But these actions kind of happen straight away so you would have to turn these actions off and use different rules right?

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There are no exit / entry delays in SHM and the actions are somewhat limited… the whole thing kinda sucks!

There are some dedicated SHM entry delay apps if you search the forum, but yeah, I just have everything setup through webCoRE.

For me, SHM is just a 3 position switch and I place no actions within. You do need at least one sensor assigned to SHM though, to make sure the 3 buttons show in the dashboard.

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Just had a thought, does WebCoRE or ST routines run independently from the mobile device or is it mobile device dependent?

For example if I create a routine on my Android phone’s ST app under automation to turn on X and Y lights at certain time. My wife also has ST on her iOS and i’ve added her as a user and I believe my ST routines show up on her phone too. But the question is do these routines run on the phone and if so which phone? the one that created it or what? what if that phone is unavailable etc.

The reason I ask is because I read that iOS has a $10 third-party app called SmartRules which is a rules engine like WebCoRE. Do these rules get created on the cloud or is it device based? If it’s device based it will be an issue because lets say both devices go on holiday to some country and we don’t have mobile data and only wifi at certain times.

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It’s all cloud based bar a few rules saved in your hub by the ST Smart Lighting smartapp (and those are only local when the devices being monitored / controlled are local capable).

Nothing is saved on your phone… that’s just a glorified remove control displaying data from the cloud.

The SmartRules iOS app, I think, runs your automations on a 3rd party server, so there’s a fair bit of lag involved.

webCoRE on the other hand saves and runs all your automations in the SmartThings cloud so you’re not reliant on the webCoRE servers being active all the time… and it’s free!

I didn’t much like SmartRules but then I only ever tested the limited trial version. It’s functions are fairly limited.