Outdoor Siren?

I couldn’t find an outdoor siren which I can integrate with ST!

Will Siren Gen5 works find if I install it outdoor but away from direct sunlight and water?

How hot and cold does it get where you live?

How dusty? How humid?

It’ll work, but any device that’s not rated for outdoor use might end up failing prematurely.

Also, that device usually plugs right into an outlet, and it has blinking lights on it. If a burglar saw it, he could potentially just unplug it, and even though it has a battery that lasts a few mins, it’d be pretty easy to smash. Or just hold your hand over the speaker, it gets muffled pretty easily. So make sure you put it someplace not too easily accessible

Very hot around 45-50C, humidity also high :frowning:

What’s your recommendation for an outdoor unit I couldn’t find any!

Yeah that’s pretty hot.

I think the fortrezz ssa-03 siren is rated for outdoor use.

I haven’t use it myself, I’m not sure where it’s available, or if any of their other sirens are similarly rated.