Fortrezz Siren and Strobe

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Apologies if I am repeating thread topics but I couldnt find a UK specific thread.

I am interested in Fortrezz Siren and Strobe device which I believe is available in the UK. It appears on the US list of compatable devices but not the UK list. Does anyone know if this is compatable and/or can integrate with the ability to use the separate strobe and siren modes?



I got the Everspring SE812 Z-Wave Indoor Siren working. Not quite what you were asking but I considered the fortress one as well.

Hi Callum

I finally got around to plugging in my fortrezz siren. connected without a problem and can select both siren and strobe separately under security in the smart home monitor


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Hi Alec, where did you get the siren from and is it an outdoor one? Ideally I wanted an external siren to alert neighbours of intruders.

I got it from here

it’s an internal version. I actually like the fact it’s not external, in my experience people generally ignore alarms. but if you’re burgling someones house you’re going to be seriously discouraged by a 105dB siren


Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies! Good to hear that there are a few working solutions here. Alec, I was looking at purchasing from the same place too so good to know this is where you got yours from.

My plan is to put it inside the garage as this is separate from our house, this will be triggered by multi sensors on the garage doors.

I was planning on using the strobe option to test the system and, if I can, set it up act as a pre-warning before the audible siren is activated.

I tried the strobe option only to test. but the siren also triggered despite not being set to in the SHM

bit of a shock as I was stood next to it

I suggest not putting the battery in. so you can flick off the power easily if it triggers whilst testing

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