Outdoor Sensor Mailbox Project -- Suggestions needed

Hi, I wanted to see if anyone knows of a good, small outdoor z-wave sensor.
I want to use one for a mailbox project I have in mind. However, my mailbox is enclosed in brick. I would like some type of a z-wave sensor that I can mount outside of my brick mailbox. I would like to put a reed/tilt sensor in the mailbox and bring a wire out to the sensor so that I can not block the sensor’s range. Any thoughts?

UK or US frequency? And Temperature range?

In either case, you might look at the sensative strips. Excellent weather proofing and can be painted, so they look nearly invisible. You shouldn’t need to do the whole antenna thing. Just put the strip on the outside of the mailbox and the magnet so that it triggers it "closed " when the door is closed.

Zwave plus so the range is good, also.

I do exactly that with my very heavy metal mailbox. I have an Ecolink sensor on the back of the post with wires running into the box and up to the door. I’ve included a link to more detail, but I’ve had that sensor there now for almost a year, and it gets pounded with my sprinklers and heavy rains. Works perfectly!

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