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I need some ideas to get my mailbox sensor up and running. I mounted a magnetic contact sensor in the box and wired the module lower down on the post in a plastic box so that it was protected from the weather. It was working for a few days, but seems like the mail truck blocks the signal. When it was mounted in the mailbox it never worked, so I used the wire contact terminals to route the transmitter lower on the pole.

As you can see in a “rural delivery” route the boxes are across the street. The distance from the nearest module is about 75 feet LOS. The modules are in that planter, one for a fountain and one for landscape lighting.

Any ideas to improve the reliability so I get a mail is delivered message. Originally it was working when tested without a obstruction in front blocking the signal.

Is the contact Zwave or Zigbee? I have a Zigbee contact and had similar issues until I installed a Xbee which increased my Zigbee range tremendously

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ZWave Sensor. My network is made up of all ZWave.

The exact part in production is: ECOLINK Z-WAVE PLUS DWZWAVE2.5-ECO

I have tried using a GoControl Sensor with the same results.

My dad’s mailbox location is like yours, but with a bit of a longer driveway. I ended up using an ST multisensor sealed with silicone. It’s attached on the outside (under the box), and motion/activity is used to notify when mail arrives. For us, Zigbee gives a better range, including in rainy weather. There’s a zigbee outlet on the outside wall in a plastic box under the porch helping to repeat the signal. When we were originally testing the sensor it was still working without the outlet, but we kept it there anyway for outside lights he wanted.

Exactly what I did with my Iris contact sense. Notice small round magnet on door that activates it.


Try the Monoprice 24259 mailbox sensor, on the first post you can find a link to the sensor. It’s designed specifically to work with mailboxes, it’s got a good range and runs on AA batteries, it also has tamper detection if anyone tries to remove it.

To help it out, add a simple Z-Wave Plus mains powered Switch/Outlet/Plugin outside your house in direct line of sight with the sensor. This will go a long way in improve the mesh/communication with the sensor. (like the outdoor GFCI outlet or the the cloest indoor outlet you can find)

This is what it looks like:

I have in the past tried using the Monoprice Product # 15270 without success. The measurement from the mailbox to the planter is 74 feet. In that planter are two Zwave modules. One Aeotech the other GE.

Today it worked when the mail was delivered but like I said its a sporadic issue.

That was the main reason I tried using zigbee devices for my dad’s setup. 2 years later I’m still using those devices, and no issues except having my dad’s mailbox getting demolished (sensor survived though :slight_smile: ).

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