Outdoor relay for the U.K.?


I have 40+ Phillips hue and I love it, but I need to add a 200w Led flood light in my garden.

I was hopping to fine a sort of Z-Wave (or other) - relay/switch that I would wire just behind my led (outside) and obviously compatible with Smartthings (hub 1)

(I have a US hub 1, but I’m considering buying a Hub 2 UK, but then I would have to change all my door sensor…)

any advise on the hardware I would need?

Many thank in advance

What country are you in? US and UK electrical systems are quite different, so finding a device that can handle UK voltage but is on the US zwave frequency can be quite challenging.

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If you want to use a z-wave device, then you probably want to decide whether you’re going to upgrade your hub in the near future first. A z-wave device that works with your current US hub won’t work with a new UK hub because z-wave runs on different frequencies depending on region.


Yes I didn’t think about that, I will probably have to upgrade then (I’m in UK)

I saw Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay Switch which I think can handle 230V not really water proof but I can manage something

Update maybe not compatible actually, I think the US version is probably 120 only
Power output (resistive load): 2x1500W for 240V AC
2x750W for 120V AC

Yes, that’s a very good example. Fibaro makes both US and UK versions of their devices, but to run on UK voltage you should really get the UK versions.

@anon36505037 has done his whole house with Fibaro Devices in the UK, he might have some more thoughts.

Once you have moved off from just battery powered devices and lamps, it really does just make things easier to have a UK hub if you are in Europe.

the annoying part is that I have so many of this batterie powered device (door sensor, multi sensor) probably more than 20. I manage to change the Frequency of some by doing a specific region firmware update, but is not even work properly.

Anyway I will get a UK hub and new devices. I suppose the Fibaro will do what I need to do after (on/off a external light)

Thank you all.

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Once you do have a UK hub, you will be able to look at in wall micros from Aeotec, Fibaro, and Qubino. All are good, they just have slightly different features and prices.

Vesternet lists these in the “modules” section. For an outdoor fitting, I would definitely get a Z wave plus device as they have significantly stronger signal than the older zwave classic devices. This can be important when trying to transmit through exterior walls. :sunglasses:


Not sure what you mean there.

A z-wave device that’s licensed for sale in the EU has a radio that works on 868 MHz. In the US, the radio is on 908 MHz. AFAIK, no firmware update will change that. That’s just the hardware that’s in the device.

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Z wave devices do use different frequencies in different regions, and the frequency is usually set at the time of manufacture and cannot be changed afterwards.

There are some zigbee devices which can change the signal transmission strength through a firmware update. That’s often labeled as a regional change because although the zigbee frequency is the same worldwide, different countries set different allowable maximum transmission strengths. For example, the US allows for “amplified zigbee,” which is a transmission strength almost twice that allowed by law in the EU.

So you do see regional firmware versions for some zigbee sensors. :sunglasses:

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