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Garden Lights (UK)



Hi All,

I am planning to setup a bespoke daisy chain led spike lighting.

I would be powering total 40W output and using a 12V Led driver.

I would like to control this On/OFF using a Zwave controller. I cannot use a mains outlet outside since it wont fit in my outdoor waterproof socket. I think I need a 12V powered switch.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this are most appreciated.


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Hopefully you will be given a variety of options here.

The easiest technical solution is to just use a larger waterproof box around your socket, …


or a short extension to a cable box:
(This is what I use because I have 3 “big” Z-Wave dimmers in it.)


You are using the UK version of the SmartThings hub, correct? The device options do vary somewhat from region to region.

I believe @RobinWinbourne has done some outdoor lighting in the UK, he might have some suggestions.

(Robin) #4

I would do this project using the following kit:

Wire a regular uk plug to the input terminals of the LED driver. Wire the output of the driver to the Fibaro RGBW controller. Wire your 8 garden spots in 4 pairs to the RGBW controller (it can switch 4 individual circuits via the RGBW channels) or just daisy chain all 8 lights to a single channel.

Better still, choose RGBW spots instead of white to get a full range of colours, though you’ll loose out on brightness.

The Fibaro RGBW micro can handle 6A per channel with max 12A across all 4 channels. Your 8nr 5W spots at 12v will total 3.36A

The module will also give you dimming control if chosen lamps are dimmable (didn’t check)… so not just on/off

Edit: changed driver specification for one with DC output and non-dimmable (cheaper). The dimming is done after the driver not before.

(Robin) #5

(Kirk Hilzinger) #6

You are starting to blur the line between this and DMX lighting (used for concerts).

(Robin) #7

Why do half a job :slight_smile:

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


Thanks. I will try this out as I already have a Fibaro RGBW. I also like the other option by Terry to install an outdoor box and put the zwave outlet there.

Looks like I now have a solution.

(Robin) #9

You’ll need an outside box whatever method you choose (Fibaro+Driver Or Outlet+Driver).

Bonus of the Fibaro is the small size… so your box doesent need to protrude from the wall too far. To use a Zwave outlet you’ll need a very deep box as you’ll need to allow for the depth of both the socket and the plug.

Something like this might suffice though:


Hi @RobinWinbourne,

Can you please confirm, which DTH are you using for Fibaro RGBW?

I am using this but I am facing delays. Also I cant get the pre-programmed scenes like police mode to work.


(Robin) #11

I actually can’t remember which one I was using (I recently moved out of my home and gave my tenants the ST passwords, so I’m locked out and hubless).

I have however used codersaur’s (@zcapr17) DTH in the past without any issues… I can’t imagine why the various device effects wouldn’t work??

Maybe try opening the device settings page (click the cog when viewing the device in the mobile app) and then click done… could be an association issue which gets set after clicking done.

Note - @zcapr17’s handler which you linked to above is the latest handler and the most reccomended… I was using something older because I preferred the tile layout.


Thanks @RobinWinbourne.

I will try doing a hard rest and adding the device again.

(Nav) #13

Hi - I am about to embark on exactly the same project…Is the above suggestion still the way to go? Though I can’t see that driver in stock anywhere.

Has anything changed/ improved over the year that I should use instead?


(Robin) #14

no change… I still recommend the above method.


Works great. Here is my perfectly working Webcore Piston to make it workin using Sunrise/Sunset timing.

(Nav) #16

Perfect - thanks both. I’m UK based too, forgot to mention that, but as it is all the same… that’s great.


No worries. Here are the lights i used if you need only 4.


(Robin) #18

£90 for 4 LED’s lol…


Yes, but they are really good quality and comes with led driver and all connectors.


(Nav) #20

I think lol is right! I need 8…but don’t want to spend near £200! I’ve seen cheaper on amazon, so might just do that.