Garden Lights (UK)

Hi All,

I am planning to setup a bespoke daisy chain led spike lighting.

I would be powering total 40W output and using a 12V Led driver.

I would like to control this On/OFF using a Zwave controller. I cannot use a mains outlet outside since it wont fit in my outdoor waterproof socket. I think I need a 12V powered switch.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this are most appreciated.


Hopefully you will be given a variety of options here.

The easiest technical solution is to just use a larger waterproof box around your socket, …


or a short extension to a cable box:
(This is what I use because I have 3 “big” Z-Wave dimmers in it.)

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You are using the UK version of the SmartThings hub, correct? The device options do vary somewhat from region to region.

I believe @anon36505037 has done some outdoor lighting in the UK, he might have some suggestions.

You are starting to blur the line between this and DMX lighting (used for concerts).


Thanks. I will try this out as I already have a Fibaro RGBW. I also like the other option by Terry to install an outdoor box and put the zwave outlet there.

Looks like I now have a solution.

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Hi @anon36505037,

Can you please confirm, which DTH are you using for Fibaro RGBW?

I am using this but I am facing delays. Also I cant get the pre-programmed scenes like police mode to work.


Thanks @anon36505037.

I will try doing a hard rest and adding the device again.

Hi - I am about to embark on exactly the same project…Is the above suggestion still the way to go? Though I can’t see that driver in stock anywhere.

Has anything changed/ improved over the year that I should use instead?


Works great. Here is my perfectly working Webcore Piston to make it workin using Sunrise/Sunset timing.

Perfect - thanks both. I’m UK based too, forgot to mention that, but as it is all the same… that’s great.

No worries. Here are the lights i used if you need only 4.


Yes, but they are really good quality and comes with led driver and all connectors.


I think lol is right! I need 8…but don’t want to spend near £200! I’ve seen cheaper on amazon, so might just do that.

Go with whats best for you mate… There is no 1 fit for all.


Btw, make sure you check how the lights connect and how is your garden layout. My garden is 10 m long and last light is 15 m away from plug, so I used a daisy chain style connector kit.

Thanks Vikas. I am also going to be daisy chaining the lights. I have a square garden. I haven’t used the Fibaro module before. I’ll have to have a read about them - but as you are here…I am going to put 4 each on 2 of the channels (each light is 3W). I’ll need a longer run on the side furthest from the plug (which is inside my back log cabin)…though I imagine that would be OK provided I choose the right cabling. I think it should be relatively painless…

I’m looking to do the same thing as the OP and for power I also have a couple of outdoor sockets in a weatherproof box fixed to the wall so I could use one of those in the setup you have described. Some questions:

  1. That LED driver isn’t available on Amazon. Can you recommend an alternative?

  2. I’m looking to use 4 or 6 lights along the boundary of my garden uplighting against the fence, I’d like them to be RGB. Are there any specs I need to look out for when using with the Fibaro controller? Or max wattage per light?

  3. I take it the outdoor box would house the LED driver, the Fibaro controller and the wires from the plug and to the lights?

  4. I don’t really understand the options for wiring in terms of a light pair per channel vs daisy chain. How can I understand more about these two methods and pros and cons? Also, I might add a rope light to the setup so could I wire that to one of the channels on the Fibaro controller so I can have smart control of that too?

OR…is it easier and simpler to just buy lights which use GU10 bulbs and then just buy smart GU10 RGB bulbs for the smart control?

Sorry for all the questions but any help would be much appreciated.

Mine still going strong. If you need 4 lights, the link I mentioned has in-built weather proof driver.

In any case…

  1. Try this
  2. I think if you aim for up to 4W per light, you should be good. Fibaro is just a switch.
  3. The outdoor box is empty. Big enough for a small powerstrip and driver. Its like a children’s shoe box.
  4. Don’t know that one. Possibly look at some youtube videos.

I just used off the shelf kit with a simple power switch. Works well for my needs.

If you want to put up mood lighting, then you need RGB + Fibaro.

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Thanks! So any RGB lights either with built in LED chip or a bulb will be controllable by the Fibaro both for on/off and changing colours?

Just to clarify on the outdoor box, it comes empty obviously but it is basically to store the driver, Fibaro and wires right?

I would like it to be a bit like mood lighting hence the RGB requirement…

Any RGB light should have wires for RGB + 1 for power. You can also buy RGBW with extra led for white. You will need garden wiring and connectors too.

My box came with a 2 plug power strip and a 2 m cable.


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