Outdoor Outlet Question

Can you put a smart in-wall outlet outdoors if it is in a weather proof case like this?

It depends where you live. Different jurisdictions have different code requirements. In particular, many now require that an outdoor socket be GFCI, and there are no GFCI Smart sockets because they have conflicting requirements: the GFCI sockets have to be able to cut current completely, and smart sockets have to retain current so they can run the radio.

So there are two options which will be to code and should work.

The first is to install a regular dumb outdoor socket that meets code where you live, potentially with a project box like you showed in your picture, and then just put a compatible micro upstream of it, maybe in a junction box, so you can control the outlet that way.

The second option again is to use a regular dumb outdoor socket that meets code and use a plug-in pocket socket into that. There are a number of outdoor smart plug-ins that work quite well. Some allow you to control the two outlets independently, some control them together so it depends on the exact use case. and again, you may want to use a box cover over them. Just check to make sure that they have sufficient amperage for what you want to plug into them.

At our house, we use the Meross Wi-Fi outdoor pocket socket. Two independently controlled plugs, has an official smartthings integration in the new V3 app, also works with HomeKit, ETL safety certification. Lists at about $30 (but again the two sockets are independently controllable), they often have a coupon for a couple of dollars off.

As far as signal through a box cover, generally a clear plastic or gray plastic will interfere the least with signal. For some reason, the blue plastic boxes seem to block more signal, I’m not sure why.


Not sure what the OP is seeking to accomplish or their overall circuit layout. Here are scenarios that i have encountered.

Upstream GFCI protection. Using a controllable outlet that is protected by a GFCI outlet or breaker. These are still not outdoor rated devices (in my case) but better than what was installed when I moved in.

Outdoor rated junction box with necessary glands or other waterproofing. I am headed this direction for some outdoor lighting projects. Again, circuits are GFCI protected.

I am using one outdoor Jasco outlet, but not impressed with the weather proofing (even in AZ, where I haven’t seen real rain in months).

As always @JDRoberts thanks for the excellent answer and I formation!

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@hatallica My outdoor outlets need replaced so I was wondering about installing smart outlets instead.

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Sorry, premature post (blaming the new tablet, not my aging eyes and typing with thumbs).

I moved into a house with a dozen or so outdoor outlets. I started swapping outlets … And swapping metal boxes for plastic, … And adding in-use covers. In the end, my use case is better served by adding a relay device in an outdoor rated box. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Just throwing another possible option out there.

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