Recommendation Request - Outdoor Dual Outlet Plug for USA (2020)

I am looking for a dual outlet smart plug to control a sidewalk heater (~1amp) and Christmas lights. Ideally, the plugs would be individually controllable. Because they are running non-mission critical items, I am OK with wifi and 3rd integration if there aren’t good z-wave or ZigBee alternatives. I will not get anything Tuya or Smart Life or Globe life because their integrations have been cluster f*&^s.

Who is running exterior lights? What do you recommend?

meross makes a dual plug that works with just about everything. Alexa, GH, SmartThings, HomeKit, etc. (affiliate link)

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get the newer model, it handles plugs better :slight_smile: and cheaper

the only thing I don’t like about the new model is I hit the on/off button when I grab it
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nice! need to update my saved items list. looks smaller, too.


if homekit is not needed, check out Kasa… I like these except they don’t support Homekit as mentioned but slightly larger than the meross plugs

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Thanks everyone. I ordered this new Meross plug:

  • Price. There was a $2 coupon. $18
  • The Kasa plug covers aren’t attached. Seems like a big oversite.
  • Homekit was not needed

I wish there was slightly more space between the plug covers and the outlets. Makes a tight squeeze when you have two plugs but not intolerable.

yes sorry, forgot to include the non-homekit version for the meross outdoor plug which is cheaper :slight_smile: