Looking for an Outdoor Outlet

I’m looking for a dual outldoor outlet. I know there are a bunch out there. However, I want one that allows the two different sockets to do different things. For example I want one outlet to power lights, and the other to power a water pump. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks.

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If you’re in the United States, there are no outdoor outlets because current code recommendations are that outdoor outlets be GFCI and there are no Z wave GFCI outlets.

That said, there are a couple of options.

There are some plug-in modules which are rated for outdoors, such as the GE:


You just use one module per socket.

Another popular alternative for outdoor pool and pump equipment is the SmartenIT zigbee dual relay. It is rated for outdoor use and can handle heavier loads.

But if it’s just for regular loads, two of the plugin modules will actually be less expensive and a little easier to set up. :sunglasses:

You can add a regular outdoor enclosure box if you like. It’s pretty to easy to find one that will be big enough to hold the plug in modules. Just get plastic, not metal, and in general the clear plastic seems to let a little more signal through than the blue plastic.


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You can replace the breaker that powers the outlet with a GFCI one, thus making it to code.

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

While it’s true that you could meet the NEC GFCI requirement with a control on the breaker, Z wave device manufacturers do not make outdoor sockets because they can’t make ones with GFCI. Consequently, even if you do put a control on the breaker, you still can’t meet a different part of the code because none of the Z wave outlets are Spec’d for outdoors.

Article 210.8(A)(3)
All 15- and 20-amp, 120-volt receptacles must be GFCI protected. This may be with a GFCI receptacle or a GFCI breaker that is used to protect the circuit.

Article 406.8(A)
All 15- and 20-amp 120- and 240-volt nonlocking receptacles in wet or damp locations must be listed as weather resistant type receptacles.

In some jurisdictions, but not all, you’ll be able to meet the second requirement with a weather resistant enclosure box. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that some jurisdictions require that the outdoor outlet be visibly a GFCI device, in which case you can’t use the device on the circuit even though the national code says that you can.

So you’ll need to check with your local jurisdiction to see exactly what their code is for outdoor outlets and if the devices you intend to use will meet that code.