Ener_j Outdoor socket (UK)

I am looking for an outdoor socket that can be controlled via smartthings hub. The only IP rated product I have found is a wifi ENER-J outdoor socket that is controlled via 2.4 GHz wifi.

Has anyone created a device handler for this product?


It works with IFTTT, so you should be able to get integration that way. Otherwise at this point integrations are up to the device manufacturer so you should get in touch with them and ask them to add smartthings integration.


Meross does have SmartThings integration with the new V3 app, and they have an IP44 rated 10A outdoor socket for the UK market. Obviously that’s somewhat lower specs than the Ener’j, so I don’t know if it meets your requirements. I would probably put it inside a protective box.


I have the US version of this and it works well at our house, but it’s a different design and the socket is more sheltered from the rain by the device itself. With the UK design I would probably put it in a protective box if I wanted to be able to use it during inclement weather.

It looks like this box is a popular seller with the Meross unit, but of course check the dimensions. You should be able to find many other similar products.


@Tony_Leach there is a new smart life integration so once it becomes stable I guess a tuya waterproof plug would be good? Your best bet is probably the TP-link Kasa outdoor plug. Finally, if you have a pi, you can flash your tuya outdoor plugs if the smart life integration doesn’t expose them

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