Nest Cam Integration not Working

So I recently renamed my Nest cameras. I went to SmartThings > Menu > Settings > Linked Services to Refresh the camera names. When that didn’t work, I un-linked and re-linked to Nest. To my surprise after re-link “No Devices added”. Has anyone successfully recently pulled devices through the Nest third-party integration into SmartThings? If so, when? (Just curious when it stopped working.) Also, be careful if it is working for you not to try the link again.

Wondering if you ever solved this - having the same issue with Ring cams. It finds one but not the other. With the Google cam, it finds it but when I click to view, Smartthings crashes.

No. This is still not working.

I had 4 Nest cameras installed through ADT two days ago. I am able to add to SmartThings, but like Dee, when clicking on anyone of the cameras, the app crashes.