Outdoor motion sensor flood lights that dim?

This is an interesting one that I have been thinking about for a few days, being new to the home automation and smartthings I have turned to the experts. Right now in the driveway I have this outdoor 120v motion sensor that runs two lights on the side of the garage door, they sense motion lights come on 100% for 5 minutes then dims the lights to like 30% and turns off at dawn. How can I add this style to my home automation hub? I did read the tread by adding an Enerwave ZWN-RSM1switch to a motion sensor but not sure about the dimming? Only thing I can think of is to add a GE dimmable wall switch and the ZWN-RSM1 to run together.

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I do that with my porch light, it turns on and off around sunset and sunrise at 30%. When there is motion it brightens up to 100% until a 5 minutes after the motion stops (so my blink cam can see better), then back to 30%. I use a gocontrol motion sensor and lifx bulb with 3 “smart lights” app instances.

Porch lamp on 30 night, off in morning
Porch Lamp 100% on motion at night
Porch lamp 30% on motion stops at night

I read this last night but didn’t install the apps or anything. I’m not sure if you could have a virtual dimmer switch that actually functions but based on this it looks like you can make one.

I’m looking to add an outside motion light that will connect to smartthings. I don’t need dimming capability but I am having a hard time getting info from people that have done it. Mainly how well it works.

AS @N8XD mentioned, you can do this pretty easily with the built in “Smart Lighting” app. As an alternative to the devices he is recommending, you can use a Z-Wave dimmer (like the GE you mentioned) and one of many different motion sensors. The Z-Wave dimmer I prefer is the Fibaro Dimmer 2. The Fibaro motion sensor is also a good choice, or the zooZ mini sensor.