Dusk-to-dawn, need outdoor device advice


Programming-wise, this has been covered and I should be pretty set. I’m looking to set ~5 motion-zones around my house (porch, garage, shed, front yard, back yard).
Each zone will control a number of lights in that part of the yard and go to their own smart dimmer. Dusk-to-dawn, all zones will come on and stay at 25%. If motion is detected in that zone, just that zone will brighten to 100% for a set amount of time.

I think the smartthings hub is able to handle that.

My question is finding outdoor-rated hardware. I need 1 photocell and 5 motion sensorsthat are compatible with smartthings, but I also need them to be rated for fully exposed wet conditions. Now, I could simply buy 5 smart multi-sensors, but they are not outdoor rated and I don’t particularly like that they’re all battery powered and have some pretty mixed reviews.

How would you recommend I go about finding (or making) the correct sensors?

(Robin) #2

For dusk to dawn I would personally just use the smartlighting smartapp to trigger between sunset and sunrise (± a set amount if desired). Lux can be a bit unreliable at times.

If you want to go down the Luz route, you could try searching for Zwave weather station. (What country are you in?)

In regards to outdoor motion, there are plenty of threads on here if you use the search function, but general concensus is that they are unavailable and makeshift versions (indoor ones put under eaves etc) get tonnes of false triggers due to swinging temperature variations as clouds go over etc.

Some people have tried laser trips with better success. Also, hot wirIng regular (dumb) outdoor motion sensors with smart sensors is an option others have tried.

(Robin) #3

The fibaro door/window sensor, Aeon dry contact sensor or Mimolite are great options for dry contact wiring into existing dumb sensors btw.


Hmm, that’s convenient, sunset/sunrise will work for my needs over a photocell. I’d still love to use motion sensor zones for dimming and brightening.