Dusk-to-dawn, need outdoor device advice

Programming-wise, this has been covered and I should be pretty set. I’m looking to set ~5 motion-zones around my house (porch, garage, shed, front yard, back yard).
Each zone will control a number of lights in that part of the yard and go to their own smart dimmer. Dusk-to-dawn, all zones will come on and stay at 25%. If motion is detected in that zone, just that zone will brighten to 100% for a set amount of time.

I think the smartthings hub is able to handle that.

My question is finding outdoor-rated hardware. I need 1 photocell and 5 motion sensorsthat are compatible with smartthings, but I also need them to be rated for fully exposed wet conditions. Now, I could simply buy 5 smart multi-sensors, but they are not outdoor rated and I don’t particularly like that they’re all battery powered and have some pretty mixed reviews.

How would you recommend I go about finding (or making) the correct sensors?

Hmm, that’s convenient, sunset/sunrise will work for my needs over a photocell. I’d still love to use motion sensor zones for dimming and brightening.