Philio PSP05-D & SmartThings

Has anyone tried it?
On paper it looked nice. A not too expensive outdoor Z-Wave Plus PIR, so I bought one.
But still have not managed to make it work.
It paired easily with ST, but is recognised as a Door/Window sensor.
The only alert I have managed to get so far is the “Tamper proof” one, so it does communicate. But I can jump and dance in front of it, and the status does not change…
I have tried changing the type in the IDE, but no luck.

Anyone tried it and managed to get it to work?


If I look at the Events list from the IDE, I see an “Event 8 ()” there when Motion is detected, but this does not appear in the app (icon or “recently”), nor is it passed to Stringify…

Looks like I managed it!
I took a fibaro device handler (@ClassicGOD 's ZW5), changed a few bits and here it is!
I need to clean the code of the bits that are not relevant and I’ll share it!
If you are in a hurry, tell me. My hack might be ugly, but it works :slight_smile:


Hi - I am thinking of buying one of these, please can you post your code so I can get it working? Thanks, Roger

Sorry for not replying earlier. the DH is here:

Do not use the settings part as it does not work yet, and i had to factory reset my PSP05 after messing with its settings

No problem, thanks for the DH, will give it a try when my unit arrives.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the updated DH. :grin:

Looking to pick one of these up but wanted to ask a few questions please, hope you do not mind.

  1. It is listed as being outdoor (even on the site you purchased from going by the reviewer name). Have you used it outside by any chance and if so how does it respond to motion? Asking as other motion sensors seem to have an issue with detecting motion outdoors.

  2. Failing outdoor use, does it have a seal around the battery compartment, do you feel it may survive outside?

  3. How strong is the magnet please? Would it stand up to winds etc. outside should the sensor be fit for purpose there of course?

  4. Any further movement on the DH at all please?



Hi Mark,
Mine has lived outside since day 1 and has not had any issues, even if I was not impressed by the weatherproofing.
I sadly also did not have time to work on the DH, where the part that needs working is the settings.


Apart from that, it has worked rather well, with the usual issues. If you do not mask properly, clouds on a bright sunny day can trigger it. Also the magnet is not impressively powerful, but the sensor is small so offers little surface to the wind.

Overall: 7/10
(Pros: not that many outdoor PIR on zwave and works well, Cons: no proper DH, and weatherproofing could be better)

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Great Thanks!

Reason for purchases is that I have spent a day now trying to get some LED security lights to work with a Fibaro Relay, issue is that the PIR is ~5v. Have tried to drop a 3v-32v Solid State Relay in there to send 240v to the Fibaro but it will just not play ball. Maybe I have faulty relay… Still only option now really is to by pass the built in PIR and have an external one which may actually be of benefit as I can place it in a better position.

Anyway, thanks very much for the reply!

Hope you have a great day and weekend! :slight_smile:

Hi - I am also considering purchasing this as there still seems to be a lack of outdoor PIR’s. I would like it to turn on lights at night when visitors arrive. What are the current views? Have most managed to get it working?


Craig, get a CoolCam PIR, much cheaper and excellent quality. I have had 3 outside (torrential rain, cold etc.) for a few months without a single issue, they are on par with the Fibaro ZW5 with the exception there is no Temperature sensor. I highly rate these PIR’s though.

Check out Aliexpress, there are 2 different types, for outdoor use I would get the one with the plastic bracket as opposed to the magnetic attachment. They are also on Amazon and eBay so check there also but Aliexpress is normally much cheaper despite the lengthy shipping. PM me if you decide to, have a pretty decent DH which allows you to change all settings via the app etc. May not respond straight away as am in and out of hospital all the time.

Thanks Mark - I am in the UK but managed to find an EU compatible version which I ordered. Fingers crossed it works.

This is the one I purchase …

Hi Craig,

I would have gone for the non magnetic one as I mentioned before. The only reason being that I feel it will be a little more secure outside. However I have both here and the magnet is pretty strong so I think you will be OK. Still it is Amazon Prime so you can easily return it and get the other one if you find that is moves in the wind etc. (which I doubt very much), I am pretty sure it will be secure enouhg :wink:

Here is the the non magnetic version just in case, inside they are exactly the same sensor.

Thanks Mark - I actually twigged after that I had bought the wrong one but I figured being the impatient type that I am I will stick with the magnetic ones. It seems amazon does not have the other 1’s at a reasonable price!

Any other gems that you have discovered with ST?

Hello, I just purchased 2 of these and I have the same issue. I am trying to install your DTH, but what do i use for Owner/Name/Branch on the Github Repository Integration?