Outdoor lights

I dont see many options for exterior lights on the market. Am I missing something? Thank you

I think most of us have just put a device on the switch rather than trying to find a light with zwave or zigbee built in. I have a number of outside lights but all have the controls at the switch level.


I’m not as adept so used some switches to solve these situations in my house.

My decking lights which plug into an outdoor socket. For this scenario I have an RGBW micro module (Fibaro) and LED driver mounted inside a small waterproof junction box fixed to the wall next to the socket.

I used a Aeon DSC06106-ZWUS - Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch for these. I plugged into an multi outlet which also has a dusk/dawn and 1/4/6 hr option. Did this first actually and then added zwave a few years later to turn on/off with movement. Left it there since if there is movement this just ignores it during the day without a rule.

My front porch light where the switch back box is too shallow to take a Fibaro module. I just put the module inside the external light fitting instead (got lucky with the fitting, most are too compact to allow this)

Here I use a wemo switch which I bought them when I thought Smartthings worked with them :frowning2: I also use a ST motion sensor here and IFTTT to turn on/off.

For my other external light I just leave the switch on and use a LIFX bulb.