Controlling "dumb" lights

Hey all, I have some outside lights and bathroom integrated LED lights that cannot be replaced with smart bulbs.

Are there any cost effective solutions for replacing the existing wall switches that can be use in stead of smart bulbs?

The switch for the outside lights doesn’t need to be a physical switch, as it can be set to come on/off with sunrise/sunset.

The bathroom lights are on a 2 gang wall switch, for main lights and under cabinet lights. At night I want the under cabinet lighting to come on when there is motion in the hallway.

If it makes any difference, I’m luckily to have all 3 wires available in the switch boxes.

Do they come in EU spec (i.e. correct zwave frequency)? This is the UK forum.

This is the best sounding option I’ve found for the bathroom so far

I think I would probably get away with one of those Fibaro relays for the outside lighs and just blank the switch off. Do they work with LED lights?

Sorry, I missed that.

Thanks Robin, really informative!

So I think for my outside lights I would need one of these
and one of these (so that I can use LED bulbs)

I would blank off the existing switch and completely automate them, so fitting the bits onto the box shouldn’t be an issue.

My god this is an expensive hobby…

Hi everyone.

The market is not yet providing much of what we need; and that is retro-fit modules for existing power and light switches. So I was pleased to find this thread and the recommendation for Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer 2 Mini-Modules (even as switches). I then looked on vesternet and found a couple of other options which look cheaper by Aeon Labs, Qubino, Everspring and Philio ( Can anyone comment on these other products as alternatives please? My own viewing was that none are suitable for the core UK market as they all need 3-core wire; so we only have one option in the Fibaro Dimmer 2…?


I just ordered from here

they sell for 2 gang @ 33usd and 3 gang @ 35usd. You can ask them exactly how you want as I needed 110-240 for dubai with frequency of 908.42mhz since my STH is from US.

I still haven’t received it as they take 1-2 weeks to make custom orders.