Installing outdoor lighting (floodlights) and virtual hardwired switching?

Hello everyone,
I have zero outdoor lights on my home (US) and would like to install some flood type lighting on two exterior corners. I have access to power just inside the house where I want to install the lights. I also have power where I want to install the switches by entrance doors but obviously I would have no hardwired connection between the switches and the lights. I would prefer a toggle style switch. Any product recommendations? Am I going to need to install a smart outlet at the lights?

The easiest and cheapest solution I can think of would be a zigbee controller that you wire in between the junction box you pull power from and the floodlight. Then you could add in any zigbee or zwave switch and just create an automation to control the light. Something like this:
I should say that most jurisdictions will require a wired in switch for any exterior light, unless it’s a motion sensor. So you may want to check local codes.