Outdoor Light Bulb?

I have had good luck with Connected Cree bulbs with my ST hub. I want to use similar bulbs in outside lights (such as front porch) but Cree says they are not supported in cold weather climates. Have anyone had any luck researching other companies products that are good for temps that are not “climate controlled”? I like in the northeast, and blow zero happens…

Dont know how cold it really got this winter here in TN, but we did see snow a few times. So I’d guess we saw 20* F at least once. I have 4 or 5 cree bulbs outside in mostly enclosed glass sconces and fixtures. No issues so far. This is a mix of connected and standard bulbs. I think most of it is for CYA from them, and it might reduce their life some. So instead of 20 years you might only get 10 years… Ive had these bulbs outside now for a year without any issues.

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I recently put Cree bulbs outside at my home also. Now I live in SE Texas so cold weather is not much of an issue for us. Although they haven’t been deployed long they are working fine for me so far.

I’ve had wemo LEDs in outside fixtures on my front porch and on either use of my garage in Pennsylvania for two years now. Programmed for sunrise and sunset.

I’ve had no issues. -15 Fahrenheit to 105F.

I want to thank everyone that have taken the time to reply. I’ve had great experience with the Cree, but they have proven to be not a good solution when it gets too cold (below zero F). I contacted Cree and they confirmed that the Connected bulbs are only rated to operate at temps above +15F. On to Wemo, it looks like they are now Osram? The wemo bulb pages are gone form the Belkin site. I may try an Osram bulb and see if that works better. GE is the other possibility, but there is no info online about their supporting operating environmental range.

I’ve had GE/Wink bulb hanging upside down on my front porch for 3 years here in New England with no issues at all. They are not rated for wet direct exposure to the elements, but do fine in a sheltered location like on a porch.

I would NOT trust a Cree just because of the open ventilation slots in it. Just asking for a big ( or moisture) to get in there are cause havoc.

The Aeon Labs Bulbs are the only smart bulbs I can think of off the top of my head that are specifically labeled indoor / outdoor use.