Cree connected bulb current state inaccurate

I have 7 Cree connected bulbs as outddor light and 3 that i use indoors.

all seem to be running ok when used with my CoRE pistons except for one outdoor light that is giving me wrong CURRENT STATE.

in my smartapp its shows it is ON when it should be OFF but when i check outside it physically OFF? which how it should be.

i then try to tap on the smartapp to turn off but it seems to responds slow/er where it will first show “TURNING OFF”

im running the outdoor light on at sunset and off at sunrise.

being new at this i am wondering if am to use a custom device handler for Cree connected bulbs that i cannot find.


For what it’s worth, I have a few CREE bulbs and my outdoor 2 by garage doors occasionally give me similar grief (wrong status, slow response) I was pretty much resolved it’s due to distance from hub, since my indoor bulbs which are closer, never skip a beat & I would venture to say are my most reliable Lights vs OSRAMS.

FYI, I tried some OSRAM bulbs by the garages outside, and they couldn’t get any response, so for me the CREE’s had better reach.

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i have not tried to exclude the offending Cree bulb yet but i were to, i am not sure how to proceed in excluding it.

the offending Cree bulb is powered by a single/regular/standard OFF/ON switch along with another Cree bulb.

if i were to do the exclusion process, i.e. General Device exlusion >> Remove >> the turn switch on or off, would’nt this exclude both Cree bulbs as they are both powered by the same switch? then would mean id have to re-pair two Cree bulbs instead of one?

Take out the bulb & complete the process in a controlled location OR just loosen the other bulb enough to disconnect from power while you’re disassociating/associating the offending bulb.