Outside light

(Eric Dunning) #1

I want to change out an outside light bulb that I can connect to the SmartThings Hub. Live in Michigan so the winters are cold. Any recommendations?


You may want to post the type of bulb for a better set of recommendations. (A19 etc) Is the bulb located in a wet area? Is the fixture enclosed?

(Eric Dunning) #3

The bulb will be located in an outside fixture and probably needs to be an A19. Looking for a light that I can turn on and off with my Smart Thing Hub so that I will have light in the back of my condo during the dark times.


I use this Cree bulb. I have set it up so that it turn on @ sunset and turns off at 10pm.

Don’t know how it will function in winter condition but I am willing to take a chance.

(might be my fake name?) #5

i use LIFX bulbs outside. They are in protected enclosures (enclosures are vented on the bottom) I live in PA. They’ve been outside for 1.5 years now. Temps around zero, no issues.


I have 4 Cree bulbs outside. They are not intended for wet locations but if the area is protected from rain they should work for you.

(Louis Lefebvre) #7

I have Sylvania Lightify from Smartthings , one year use in a regular protect enclosure, 20 celcuis below zero, never have any problem.


I have had a Cree on my front porch since last fall. South Carolina isn’t Michigan cold, but it is still working fine.

(Ron S) #9

For outdoor lights, I use Kuna and it’s Alexa skill. it’s probably the best outside of the ST eco system.

And of course, a Hue plugged into Kuna for nearly 2 yrs now.

(Jimmy) #10

If you don’t want color control, why not use a switch or in wall relay?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #11

I use Phillips hues in enclosed fixtures. It doesn’t get cold here, but they have survived 2 Alabama summers.