Outdoor gate alert/security against package theft


Have packages delivered to your work?

Sure, will do for some. But not realistic for everything. I’d still like to secure my home. I shouldn’t have to accept package theft. I won’t accept it without putting up a fight.


Can the area these detect be focused in any way? I’m assuming the only way to do so would be some sort of housing that restricts their visibility?

Quick update, I tried the Sensative strip…no matter how I tried to distance it from the iron gate, it wouldn’t work. I had some plastic shims as well as Gorilla tape raising it off the iron, but I think there was just too much iron. This was also on the hinge side between the gate and the fence so there was even more iron surrounding it. So JDRoberts was right on as usual.

Instead I decided to grab my OG SmartSense Open/Close Sensor…so far it’s working like a champ…WHEN people close the gate. This may break down over time if the magnet starts to magnetize the iron around the sensor…I’m hopeful it’s far enough away, but we’ll see. I plan to wrap it in a black latex glove to weather proof it. BUT, the bigger issue is this…I realized nobody else closes the gate. Delivery person opens it, drops off the package, and may pull the gate somewhat closed, but won’t close it far enough to trigger the sensor. :frowning: So back to plan B…motion sensor.

I’m not currently too thrilled with the limited camera options. I hate that Arlo has removed local storage and I’m struggling to determine which camera works well to send motion events and also has local storage. I may go for the Ring…but I’m also still trying to figure out where I can mount it that it won’t be easily stolen, be problematic with the landlord (drilling into the masonry), and still have a good view of the package pirate’s face.

So since the Bosch motion sensor was on sale really cheap…I’ve got one of those on the way. I’ll try using electrical tape to narrow the sensor area so that it doesn’t trigger when people just walk by (or my landlord up his steps.)

I also picked up a Dome Alarm that I’m pretty happy with so far, but my wife wasn’t too fond of when I had it on High volume. :stuck_out_tongue: I set it to medium as I left today…will see if it’s still loud enough to scare off a would-be package pirate. I actually have it mounted outdoors, but in our entry area…in the door frame so it’s fully protected from rain. Now I just have to work out when and how the chime will work. For example, I want it to chime when the gate is opened, but if the gate has been open for some time (wasn’t close)…then the motion trigger should trigger the chime. I’ll likely also make some adjustments for whether we are home or not.

I’ll give another update as I finalize things. The camera will likely be the last thing I do.

Edit: Actually my plan A was a break beam sensor…but I’ve not seen many that are battery operated and have z-wave. I’m open to any suggestions.

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I don’t know of any that come with zwave, but integrating them has been a pretty popular DIY project over the years. Here’s some discussion which will lay out the general approach:

Reliable Driveway Alarm

The devices available have changed somewhat since that was written. Here’s the current FAQ on Z wave devices that you might use:

FAQ: List of devices with dry contact input from external sources