Osram Sylvania announces a Smart Connected Lighting Dimming Switch

“Just because our products are becoming smarter, does not mean that consumers will need to be glued to their smart devices 24/7,”

Definitely will add to the WAF

Available at: http://www.amazon.com/73743-LIGHTIFY-Connected-Lighting-Dimming/dp/B0196M620Y

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I have one on my desk - it’s very similar to the Centralite device that performs the same function.

@Tyler Can I get a link to the Centralite one? Is it cheaper than the Osram one?
The lack of switches is seriously limiting my ability to deploy more of these light bulbs in my house.

I can only find it here:


It looks like it’s the exact same device, just rebranded for OSRAM.

Oh yeah, it does look the same. I can’t find it anywhere for sale though. How’s the support on Smartthings?

Centralite doesn’t sell their devices at retail: they manufacture them for other companies (SmartThings, Peq, Xfinity, Iris, etc) to sell under their brand name.

Has anyone been able to pair this with the hub and use as a switch ?

I’ve purchased the OSRAM dimming switch and was able to pair it to the ST hub. I changed the device type to ZigBee Button. I created 2 smart lighting automations; one for the top button and another for the bottom, to turn on and off a smart bulb.

There are a few community device types for this device, but IMO they do not perform all that well.