OSRAM Lightify Dimmer Stock Compatibility

Hi All,

Some poking around the the S website following Google I/O led me to the following compatibility list. This appears to be updated and to my surprise included OSRAM dimmer support. Woo, hoo!

Previously I had used the user created “hack” to drop the switch into the hub on the back end, and it worked but not perfectly… picking nits here, the dimming wasn’t smooth. Anyway, in light of seeing that the switch is seemingly stock compatibility now (see link) I decided to delete it off the back end and try to load it on the front end…Success! There it is in my list of things!

Ok great - and now for the only real question for this post: How do I set the dimmer to control a ST device i.e. my lightify RGBW light strip?

Any ideas?? Thank you!

SmartThings considers the lightify dimmer switch to be a “button controller.” So one option is to use a smartapp like smartlighting to create an automation that controls your light strip with the trigger being the lightify “button.”

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Thanks for the reply Mark. You’re 100% right, I added 4 SmartApps, one for each button (1+2: push and 1+2:hold). Works! Now my thinking is that with Google Assistant voice controlling everything anyway, maybe I’ll use the button for those actions are either tricky to launch or are hard to pull off when a crowd is over making noise.

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