Osram smart MR16 LED lamps are being sold, but not working with smartthings


I’ve bought osram sylvania smart led bulbs (from link above) and installed them on the ceiling.
I tried to pair them with smartthings, but there are no such model in the smartthing’s osram light section.
Smartthing finds them, but don’t recognize. Just as ‘Thing’ and they’re not working as that way.
So tried all the osram light bulb types in the smartthing’s ‘Add a thing’ menu but doesn’t work.

Anyone have same experience like me? I don’t know how to pair them.

Any update on support for these bulbs? I just bought 10 of them and want to control them using smart things

I have few experiences about making custom device handlers. But I managed to make them work. But not fully functioning - just on and off.

try this :

Sorry I am very new to smart things. How to I import this into my instance? Can you export this so I can import it as a device handler?

Try this.