Osram RGB or RGBW and automating colors

(Kevin) #1

Why are we still not able to correctly automate the color of Osram rgb rgb/w lights? They are ‘officially’ supported by ST, yet the default “Smart Lighting” app is useless with them. The ‘set color’ gives you a list of colors, that DO NOT match up with real world color production at all. I know this is because it is using the Hue method of color selection. But if the Osram line of RGB RGB/W are ‘officially’ supported, proudly displayed on their product page, why can’t we use the ST provided automation methods to set our colors? Only one that works is Red. I know with my gardenspots ‘lime green’ is a mostly white color.

If these devices are ‘supported’ why can’t we have reliable methods of setting the color via the default apps? It once worked in Rule Machine. I honestly haven’t tried CoRE mostly for wanting to keep my automation as simple as possible and as close to ‘stock’ as I can. The bulbs work… work pretty well. But forget trying to say set your lights to green on Mondays… or something like that.

(Kevin) #2

Since this was over the weekend, it got ignored I guess. And I do hate invoking the name of @slagle or the others but is there nothing on the roadmap to make listed ‘supported’ lights as actually working…

(Tim Slagle) #3

@workmonk, thoughts?


This is in the works, see thread for more in depth discussion.