Osram RGB or RGBW and automating colors

Why are we still not able to correctly automate the color of Osram rgb rgb/w lights? They are ‘officially’ supported by ST, yet the default “Smart Lighting” app is useless with them. The ‘set color’ gives you a list of colors, that DO NOT match up with real world color production at all. I know this is because it is using the Hue method of color selection. But if the Osram line of RGB RGB/W are ‘officially’ supported, proudly displayed on their product page, why can’t we use the ST provided automation methods to set our colors? Only one that works is Red. I know with my gardenspots ‘lime green’ is a mostly white color.

If these devices are ‘supported’ why can’t we have reliable methods of setting the color via the default apps? It once worked in Rule Machine. I honestly haven’t tried CoRE mostly for wanting to keep my automation as simple as possible and as close to ‘stock’ as I can. The bulbs work… work pretty well. But forget trying to say set your lights to green on Mondays… or something like that.


Since this was over the weekend, it got ignored I guess. And I do hate invoking the name of @slagle or the others but is there nothing on the roadmap to make listed ‘supported’ lights as actually working…

@workmonk, thoughts?

This is in the works, see thread for more in depth discussion.

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