OSRAM Flex + Smart Lighting smart app = Wrong Color

Hi all,

Has anyone else seen an issue where setting the Color, withing the “Automate Lights & Switches” dialog delivers the incorrect color? In this case, my Osram Flex (fully updated firmware) lights are set to “Blue” in the Smart Lighting app but cycle to Purple when the rule is triggered.


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I have seen something similar with my Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience lighting. I have a trigger set to presence (arrival) for a given smart bulb in my kitchen, and select the “Soft White - Default” or “Warm White” colours from the options in the Smart Lighting SmartApp.

However, the colours that are set when the trigger is triggered are more a light yellow/green colour for me (quite abusive to the eyes!)…nothing I would regard as anywhere near “white”.

I wonder if there is scope to open up the Smart Lighting app to include options for specifically setting the hue colour, saturation, dimmer level and colour temperature more granularly at all?

Tagging @slagle to seek his guidance / advice / input :slight_smile:



I have some Osram and the color matching is not perfect. When I had it to orange a few of them had a greenish output.

I have rules that set my lights to “Green”. My Osram, Hue Blooms, and Hue bulbs all have slight different interpretations of what Green means.

Blue to Purple is not that far off. I use the color picker and look at the lights. Once I find the color I like I use that one. Not ideal but gets the job done.

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Exactly. We are trying to make this better but every single bulb has a different interpretation of what a color is. Even bulbs in the same family meaning two seemingly identical hue bulbs could be different colors depending on when and how they were manufactured. It’s a hard thing to correct for in all cases.

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