Osram lightify br30 rgbw

Is there a better device handler for these lights? The default one it uses is kinda bad, I’d like to get one I can just tell it I want “daylight” and it sets the light(s) to 5000k.

Any insight would be great.

Also anyone have these lights w/ a Echo or Google Home? Any idea how to get them to change color by voice?

only GH can change the color natively. I think ask alexa app can do it with alexa.

So the best way to tell the Echo be able to change bulb color is with the Ask Alexa app. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of steps to install, including creating an Amazon Developer and AWS account.

Another option is to create an empty routine and use CoRE to change color/color temperature when the routine is executed. For example name a routine “daylight overhead” and have CoRE on execute change the temperature to 5000k.
Alexa, turn on the daylight overhead.

Also, there are some additional options available if you use this DTH