Osram RBBW Color Problems

I have a couple of the Osram R/T RGBW can replacements, and those work just fine. But, I also have two of the BR30 RGBW bulbs and they are exhibiting strange behavior. They pair, and the DTH is Osram RGBW. But, I don’t get any color out of them. When powered up they are daylight white, but any attempt to change the color temperature sets them to this off-orange, super-soft white, and any attempt to set a color does the same.

So far support hasn’t come up with anything useful, and I’ve tried several things (including changing the DTH, of course), to no avail. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

Is it possible they are tuneable white (color temp adjustable only) & not RGBW?

I finally got mine to work. I had these installed and only give white. I finally got time to install “home bridge” and are now able to use these bulbs in HomeKit/Siri and set color, routines etc

What is the advantage of homebridge? Other than homekit/Siri integration?

The only reason I installed home bridge is to integrate the zwave/zigbee devices I have. 80% of my devices are HomeKit compatible. I was using these lightify bulbs as regular lights until now. I have more color control over them.

No, they’re the RGBW model. I have some of the others, as well.

So you didn’t get them to work at all, you just bailed on ST, is that it? OK, I’m game. Send me your Apple devices and I’ll happily switch over.

yeah, should’t take HomeKit to get a RGBW to change color. I’m guessing wrong bulb or wrong device handler. have you checked the DTH in the IDE?

Dude I didn’t bail on ST, all my other devices(sensors, locks, cameras, thermostat, smoke alarm etc) just majority of my lights are hue and I prefer them with HomeKit. I tried the DTH on the IDE and couldn’t get much control over the colors. And FYI homebridge solutions are posted here and in ide, I bet it’s not for ppl to bail from ST.