Osram Lightify Color Loop?

I think I am a little bit late with the Christmas decorations, but I would like to set my 2 Osram color bulbs on some kind of automated color loop. I do have the Osram gateway.

Is that something easily doable?

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Check out:

Install that device handler into your IDE and set it as the type of one of your bulbs to test.

It does a full color loop. I assume your needs would probably be limited to certain colors. So, you can probably use that code as the basis for your desired color loop.

Thanks !

So I have it in the device handlers right now, but can’t figure out what is the next step ?

Oh I got it !!! Thanks a lot !

So, after you have it installed in My Device Handlers, you click Publish->For Me while viewing the device handler code. When you view it from the My Device Handlers list, it should have a Status of “Published”.

Now, you simply need to go to My Devices and select one of your lights to use for testing. Click on the device from the list, then scroll down and click Edit. This will open the Edit Device view. From there you simply click the Type dropdown and select the handler that you just added (it should be near the bottom of the dropdown list). Then click Update.

If successful, you should now be able to go to your Smartthings Mobile app and tap the device. It should have the new controls, including color looping.

Hehe…great! You beat me to it.

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would this work for Osram Lightify Gardenspots?

This works great, thank you! Is there a way I can activate this color loop or blink the bulb using Google Home?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about Google Home integration yet. I’m waiting for them to drop the price!

Perhaps @tgauchat or @MichaelS can help you with that.

No, the Google Home Helper doesn’t have the option to turn on the color loop. My idea was to say a command like: “It’s party time” to Google home, and it activates the color loop, switches off some other lights, and home plays or casts music too.

Did you ever figure out how to tell google to turn on OSRAM color loop?

Has anyone been able to figure out how to perform the same presets that OSRAM Lightify’s app features provides with SmartThings? This would be a nice feature to have, just like Philip Hue’s “Party Mode”. I hope to see this in the future, cause I really like the direct integration of OSRAM with ST!