Sylvania Lightify RGB Tunable White A19 $20

On sale at Menards:
Sylvania OSRAM Lightify Smart Connected 9.5 Watt A19 Adjustable to Red Blue Green as well as Tunable White (2700K to 6500K) LED Home Automated Light Bulb, Model 73922

Not sure if this is good deal or not, so many different yet similar combinations/kits and model numbers come up on amazon; but not this exact bulb.

Lowes shows $10 but unavailable, also says “full spectrum”, that sounds like RGB?

Lowes bulb 9.99
LED bulb tunable between soft white and daylight white (1900-6500 Kelvins) and thousands of color options.

I’m having a bunch of block delivered soon. maybe a should add a few bulbs on the order.

The ones in Lowe’s are not RGB. My orders got cancelled after a month.

They both show Model Number: 73922, so neither is RGB?

Osram sells tunable white and RGBW bulbs. Their RGBW are usually the more expensive around $40 on average. The tunable whites are about $20 (A16). They also have BR30s.

The Lowes bulbs are RGBW, but they hit $9.99 on clearance a couple of weeks ago. If you find a store with any in store, consider yourself lucky.

LIGHTIFY 10-watt (60 watt equivalent) RGBW A19 medium base (E-26) LED dimmable Indoor LED Bulb with Built-In WiFi

I was able to snag one of the tunable white bulbs for $7. The rest of DFW is cleared out. There’s a few floods and the yellow bulbs left here and there. I’m going to bug my folks in Ohio and see if they can snag a few more.

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