How do you change the color temperature of Osram Lightify lamps using Echo?

Alexa, like most woman just doesn’t understand me. Has anyone found a way to have her change the color temperature of the Osram Lightify lamps through Smartthings? Thank you in advance for your help.

I don’t think you can do it directly. I use RM rules that are triggered by virtual switches that I expose to Alexa; one for each “scene”. Then I just tell Alexa to turn the virtual switches on/off. To the extent that the platform is behaving, this works well.

Thank you for the reply. I am brand new to Smartthings and will have to research RM rules to understand your work around. Is this an app?

It opens many more doors

This is great. I assume this technology is just in it’s infancy and as time goes by, there will be more and more apps developed to include these actions without having to create them yourself. But having tools like Rule Machine at least allows you to get the job done now. Thank you for all of this information.

I use ifttt to do this…
I setup multiple rules.

ie alexa trigger color the hot tub red


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I am trying to do the exact same thing here. Have a few colored lightify bulbs and Echo can control on/off and dimming natively through Smartthings but not color. I will explore RM (looks very interesting) - have already created a virtual switch labeled to turn one of the lights purple. I assume all I would need to do is create a rule that turns that light purple (assuming color controls for the actual bulb are available to set) with the trigger being the virtual switch that I would expose to Echo??

Also, I tried Ifttt and couldn’t find any way to get this to work - don’t seem to be any options in there to set colors. How did you get Ifttt to work with the Osram bulbs?

Thanks to all for your help - new to all of this.

That’s the gist of it. If you think in terms of “scenes” (groups of lights/devices/etc) then using RM you can turn on/off a host of things and set dimmer levels and colors, too.

The IFTT approach uses the IFTT Echo integration, whichi allows you to initiate an IFTT by saying “Alexa, trigger ”, where is some arbitrary phrase. That’s the IF. The TT would be to turn on an ST virtual switch, thus triggering the RM rule tied to that.

I have had good enough results with exposing and manipulating the virtual switches directly through Alexa that I have not bothered with the IFTT recipes. I have used IFTT as a backup to ensure that scheduled events occur, but that’s another topic entirely. :slight_smile:

Ifttt works with colors on a Philips hue hub. If you add the Bubba yo a Hyde hub it should work.

@chickwebb - thanks much for the quick and detailed response. Will give this a try this afternoon and see how it goes.

Alexa just had an update and if you have OSRAM you can just ask her to change the color.

The only problem with the new Alexa update is that you have to get the Osram plugged hub. I bought that bulb specifically not to get another hub or app. vs the Hue. So I guess we are back to virtual switch if I can figure out how. Did you know that the Wink hub has these virtual switches in their app. I wish ST would allow Alexa as a trigger in their routine. You can’t even program a color change in the routines. Only on/off and dimmer for light activation.