GE Link Bulb Craziness

I have 5 GE Link Bulbs and over the last few weeks all 5 have gone crazy. I can’t get them to turn on/off when they are supposed to, I reset them and they go right back to being that way. I’ve done ZWave repair and that doesn’t help. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it related to platform issues? I also have a couple Lightify bulbs doing similar things. I’m starting to think maybe these cheaper smart bulbs aren’t worth it. I have a bunch of LIFX bulbs and they work fine.

You’re not alone. I don’t believe that the fault lies with the devices, however. I’m not personally having this issue, but many are. Take a look at this thread:

I’m still running hub v1 and I seem to be having far less Zigbee issues than others (with the exception of presence sensors). Are you on v1 or v2?

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I’m on V2. Thanks for quoting the other thread. Hard to find existing conversations on here sometimes. I definitely seem to be having the same issues. For now, I’m just using the wall switches.

All my zigbee devices have been on crack since the march melt down.

GE link bulbs have a firmware bug that causes a lot of their craziness. This was exacerbated with our recent platform issues, but we haven’t yet certified the GE Link bulbs due to a inherent firmware bug. Some people have zero problems with GE link bulbs, while others have lots of problems with them, YMMV.

Of course, I am all for blaming GE, their bulbs, their firmware and its bugs (separately and in any combination). But I used to have no problems with the bulbs and now, they don’t work. And I guess they’ve somehow transmitted the ‘bug’ to zigbee motion sensors. And door/window sensors.
What’s unclear thought is how this all can be tied to the official TS reports.
Should it now be expected than the bulbs will never work?

I’m in that group, and I just moved 9 over to a new hub without any incident. (did I just jinks myself?)

My GE link bulbs have been flaky before and after the platform meltdown that started in March (and hasn’t resolved yet? Who knows). If you go into a bulb’s settings in the mobile app when it’s not responding, then just hit done (don’t have to actually change any settings) that might help. Obviously if you have to do that more than occasionally it’s a huge PITA, though less so than physically resetting the bulb.

BTW these are Zigbee bulbs, so the z-wave repair wouldn’t do anything in this case.