Orvibo Socket Integration

We have theses Orvibo Sockets at work to turn on and off the heaters, They are only £20 and so wanted to give it a go getting these working with my system.


I currently use a node server on a Raspberry PI to control my LightwavRF sockets via SmartThings and so realised it would be simple to change this script to control these plugs (Due to SmartThings not currently having UDP support).

Here is a link to the code repository,

and here is a link to a youtube video explaining how to do it,


Thanks Adam. Unfortunately the video is not playable as it is private? Keep up the good work!


@adamclark_dev The youtube video you posted says " this video has been removed by the user" do you have plans on uploading another video?

@stephen_degnan, @schapper05, @ajb16 - have update the youtube link in the video above.

Hi Adam, thanks for sharing your work and giving the video tutorials. I have followed your steps and have the nodejs server running on a pi and have successfully added my orvibo switch to smartthings, however the switch isnt activating when on/off is pressed on my Android app. The button presses are registering in the recent activities tab, and when looking at Live Logging, the below is what is registering with each on/off press:

c695248e-3ee8-42ef-9913-456fa0e9857a 2:45:36 PM: trace HUE BRIDGE RESPONSES
c695248e-3ee8-42ef-9913-456fa0e9857a 2:45:36 PM: trace Location: index:17, mac:A0F3C11A1AC2, ip:C0A801AF, port:1F41, requestId:fda55bb0-4c9c-4369-8d4e-8095d29c2b11, headers:SFRUUC8xLjEgMjAwIE9LDQpDb250ZW50LVR5cGU6IGFwcGxpY2F0aW9uL2pzb24NCkRhdGU6IFN1biwgMTMgTWFyIDIwMTYgMTQ6NDU6MzUgR01UDQpDb25uZWN0aW9uOiBrZWVwLWFsaXZlDQpUcmFuc2Zlci1FbmNvZGluZzogY2h1bmtlZA==, body:ImRldmljZSBvbiI=

Not sure why the Hue Bridge is responding with each button press. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

Has anyone managed to get this working? I’ve followed Adam’s video tutorial exactly and all looking good but the switch cant be turned on or off from smartthings app. When in the Simulator in the Device Handler section, there is no command being sent to the switch. Really like these smartplugs and currently only £16.99 on Amazon so would love to get them working with ST.

Hey Kenny,

Haven’t done any work on this integration for a while. The socket subscription process is really clunky (comes with the price tag).

Will have a look at it this week (when I get some time) and will do a complete reinstall of my setup.


No problem Adam. I was wondering if it was something I’d done to stop it working.


Hi Adam,

Will you look at this again ? I have an Orvibo switch but was unable to persuade my Raspberry Pi to get past installing the forever-service as described in your video (it reported a shelljs version error).
Update appreciated. Thanks

Made it to the final stage after upgrading Pi to Jessie and service running OK. Retrieved socket mac address but same as Kenny above - was unable to get the device to actually switch (works OK with its own wimo app). Thanks for advice

hi Kenny - did you ever get this working ? I finally made it to the same point as you but could not get any log entries or switching. Hopefully Adam will re-check his build.


Hi Dave, I haven’t got it working no. I’m not very experienced with coding but from what Adam has done it looks to be pretty close to working, just seems to be the sending of the switch command that’s the sticking point.

Hi Kenny.
I agree the issue looks like the groovy code. I’m new to the language so could not immediately identify an issue when comparing it to some other device handlers.
Be great if Adam reappeared. As he had it working once it’s probably only a simple tweak he could probably solve in a min or two but beyond us mere mortals!

@davew44, @teenteenadundun - Sorry was on holiday when this came up. Have ended up ditching the Orvibo sockets at home, as am using LightwaveRF sockets. Not planning on doing any more work on this, as sockets were patchy at best and the price difference between these and the LWRF sockets was tiny.


I’ve managed to get an s20 integrated into smarthings using a raspberry pi - happy to explain how if anyone is interested.


can you please give me step by step instruction for that?

thanks a lot. I will try as soon as I receive the socket.
Just one quick question. If I follow your instructions it will automatically load the s20 server on startup?

No, it won’t. I used the program “screen” to keep it active when losing my session, but it wouldn’t be difficult to start up using something like this: http://raspberrywebserver.com/serveradmin/run-a-script-on-start-up.html