Orvibo S20 and Allone

Hi there, I am new to SmartThings. Have anyone of you manage to connect Orvibo smart sockets (S20) and Allone WiFi to RF hub to SmartThings hub?

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Cesare,

Unfortunately, a quick search indicates that no one has posted anything in the SmartThings Community about device types or anything for these devices, also it looks like they are not supported by IFTTT yet either.

There was a thread about Allone about 4 months ago, but nothing since then:


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please make it work with smartthings.
please and many thanks

Plus one is someone is able to get a device type configured for these - Only being £19 on Ebay - Cant really go wrong for a Wifi socket!

+1 Would be great to get this integrated, I have contacted them and it looks as if they are working on an IFTT integration, but it would be good to connect it to the hub directly.

Has anyone made any progress on this? I’m mainly looking at the Orvibo S20. I don’t know how straight forward the process will be. I’m trying to follow the guide from https://stikonas.eu/wordpress/2015/02/24/reverse-engineering-orvibo-s20-socket/

I’m going to try and figure out the data that it needs sent first and see if I can’t make it a device type. I’m afraid that I’ll have to use an arduino/ethernet shield or a raspberry pi as a go between.

hi there,
I got the Allone, S20 and smart lighting switches setup at my home. recently I am looking into Echo and SmartThings as I is cool to use voice command to trigger scenes.
I am still waiting for someone who can create the device handler for Allone, S20 and zigbee light switches.
recently, I am requesting the Orvibo for the API so I can looking into how to make the communication work. i also afraid i need to use arduino or raspberry pi to be the event server…
I will keep try and update you all here!


Same here Shawn , I’ve been looking for ways to get Orvibo Allone and Echo to talk to each other.
I tried this but didnt manage to get it up

Any progress on this? I have a Mitsubishi split mini heat pump that uses IR control. All I want to do is turn it on and off when I come and go.

Hey all, I am new to SmartThings scene but I am impressed so far. Only got my kit other day and few extra sensors - Just one ST motion detector is not working that will have to go back for an exchange, tried everything in ST troubleshooting guide but still the same.

I am also very interested in S20 controller as I’ve got a few of them! Is any one playing around with trying to get these to work? Or are they scrap?

Hey all,

I’m not really into the groovy language and don’t know what’s possible.

But I think it should be possbile to trigger the switch with a command and parse data about the status. Previously I was working with Domoticz and managed to figure out how this can be done. I was able to make this work with ‘netcat’ because the device is controlled through UDP (and not TCP/IP what you would expect!)

What was needed to do this?

  • Know the IP of the S20
  • Know the MAC address of the S20

To switch it ‘on’:
echo ‘6864001e636c’"[MAC]"‘202020202020’“e4472153cfac”‘202020202020’ | xxd -r -p | nc -u -w2 -p10000 [IP] 10000 | xxd -p
echo ‘686400176463’"[MAC]"‘2020202020200000000001’ | xxd -r -p | nc -u -w2 -p10000 [IP] 10000 | xxd -p

To switch it ‘off’:
echo ‘6864001e636c’"[MAC]"‘202020202020’“e4472153cfac”‘202020202020’ | xxd -r -p | nc -u -w2 -p10000 [IP] 10000 | xxd -p
echo ‘686400176463’"[MAC]"‘2020202020200000000000’ | xxd -r -p | nc -u -w2 -p10000 [IP] 10000 | xxd -p

Hope this can inspire someone building a template for a device handler :wink: