Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)

I’m also able to confirm that I’ve not had any issues so far. Would need to look into to see if it is possible to report on battery levels. Otherwise work well.

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I’ve been keeping on eye on this thread as like many here, devices in Ireland are even more expensive than the UK. If Orvibo sensors are compatible with ST does that mean the Orvibo Smart Plugs are compatible too?

Unfortunately, no. Different protocol, and it doesn’t look like there’s an open API.

Tks JD for the info.

WeMo switches are now compatible in ST, cheaper than Samsung ST outlets if that helps?

On the Orvibo plug: @adamv has an integration method for them, but it requires a raspberry pi and a .node server. So if you’re technical, it should be of interest, but it’s more work than the sensors.

Had a quick look at the code in the node library used by this and it uses UDP so can’t be used with a direct integration as it stands. So this is probably still the best approach for now.

Just saw that Orvibo have an RGB controller now too:

Says it’s Zigbee HA, I just bought 4 Fibaro RGB controllers :unamused:


I’ve ordered one to test


Has anyone got a link to the orvibo door/window sensors in the eu bangood site? I couldn;t find it in there?

I don’t think they are stocked in the EU warehouse - you have to get them sent from China.

Takes just under a month.

Bought a couple of motion sensors for something I want to do :slight_smile: Not in any major hurry, they’ll come when they come :slight_smile:

from the normal site?

The more I look at the sensors that are available the more I realise the smartthings versions are at a complete premium to every other smarthome option. Its really frustrating!!!

@Kriskit if you get that motion sensor working I’d love to know what you did as I haven’t been able to.

Oh… earlier in the thread you alluded that it worked :confused:

When you say it doesn’t work, do you mean it won’t pair? If they do pair then I can hopefully work out what’s going on …

I suspect I misread while skimming :frowning:

@Kriskit the motion sensor works… but it shows permanently triggered. If you look through the live logging it works perfectly - detecting motion and then dropping. I am no coder - I am a copy n paster - so I doubt it will be difficult to get it to work properly.

Ah ok, that’s promising then. I’m sure I can sort something out :smiley:

There is discussion of device handlers for the motion sensor in the other thread. I thought Eric had posted code that would get them to report, but perhaps it didn’t work. Anyway, both Eric and Mitch are zigbee masters and should be able to get it working if you discuss it with them in the other thread:

I think the fix is pretty simple and clear in that thread. You just modify the device handler to reset to inactive after 30 seconds whenever it fires.
Mind you I haven’t tried it also!

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I get my orvibo door/window sensors connected and appears as “thing” and then i change to “Door / Window Sensor (SG)” but no respons only showing open sensor.
Any tips?