Orvibo SC10W camera?

(gazzzman) #1

Hi there!
I was looking at this:- http://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_487820.html
anyone know if it can be integrated into smartthings?
I have just ordered one to play with but it will take a few weeks to get here.
anyone else tried one yet?
it says it is “Zugbee HA” and WI FI

(Hugh Walker) #2


Did you ever manage to get these working?
I’m thinking of getting some myself if you did?


(gazzzman) #3

Hi Hugh!
no I never did, in fact, the first two versions of their own app didn’t work either!
the current app works OK and the cameras work well, but it will take a better man than I to sort out integration Orvibo keep “hinting” about IFTTT but nothing yet!