Original Smartthings devices showing offline (but appear to be working)?

Is this a symptom of the migration to Edge? I haven’t logged in in a while and just found out about the migration, but noticed all of my original Smartthings devices are “offline”…but if I click on them, they appear to be functional.

iOS or Android? What is the version of the ST app?

have you logged into https://my.smartthings.com to see if they show offline there?

Android. Version

I have experienced the same, as have others. I have a ticket open with ST about this.

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Any reply from Samsung/ST? Mine are still “offline”, and won’t trigger my automations.


No, and don’t expect any at the moment. For battery powered devices, remove the battery and put it back. For zigbee devices like switches and outlets, reset them and rejoin to the hub. Do not remove the device from ST. Zigbee devices can be reset without removing them. I’m not sure about zwave devices.

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Thanks John…and yes, before you wrote your response, I grabbed one of my “offline” sensors and just opened the case (didn’t remove the battery). The blue LED started blinking, so I scanned for it…voila…it’s back working. So I walked around the house opening the other sensors, and they all came back online. I also had an old NYCE motion sensor that’s been “stuck” for a few weeks also. I pulled it’s battery and removed it…it was stuck in a weird state, but then I scanned and ST found it…but put it under a different device handler (or whatever we’re calling them these days). It used to show TEMP, but now no longer does. That’s fine…I only use it as a motion sensor to turn on the kitchen pantry light.

Thanks for the quick reply…Mike

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