Option to instantly arm ADT system (no delay for Arm Stay)?


Just bought the ADT Home Security Starter Kit from Lowe’s to replace my Iris system. I went with the SmartThings option as I read it was user-friendly and was compatible with most of my Iris on-adds. After I paired the sensors and explored available options, I did not see an “instant Arm” option. It is similar to the “Arm stay” option but without the count-down. With Iris, I created a rule that did this for me (instant arming was silent as well). In my quick search of the forum, I did not see any discussion related to instant arming functionality. Any plans to provide this ability with the ADT SmartThings hub and app? I have the SmartThings iPhone App, not the classic app.


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I may be mistaken, but I thought arm stay is an instant arm, and only arm away has the countdown.

in OTHER standalone systems, Instant-Arm means instant alarm when violated - no delay

It should probably be called “Arm Instant” .

Yeah, I’m just using it the way the OP used it, to instantly go into monitoring status, not to notify the monitoring center.

They both have the countdown :cry:
In the Installer settings, there is an entry to “Quick Arming” but even though that is enabled on my system I don’t see a way to bypass the countdown…

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Turn off the exit delay when you dont want to use it.

Thank you for the feedback. Just something I found personally useful with Iris.

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