Can Only "ARM STAY" from ADT Hub (Won't "ARM AWAY")

Hard to describe in the topic, but I just got an ADT SmartThings hub. I’ve only got a motion detector hooked up so far. On the hub, when I manually press ARM AWAY it counts down and then switches to ARMED STAY. This seems really odd since when I arm it from the app it counts down and stays on ARMED AWAY like it should. I’ve tried rebooting it and hard resetting it with the same result. Anyone have a similar experience or is mine defective?

not familiar with the Smartthings-ADT flavor but in standalone security systems, there is often this behaviour, when you request ARM AWAY, where the system did not observe a door open/close event, then it AUTOMATICALLY switches to ARM STAY. This response assumes you changed your mind about leaving the house.

It is probably intentional design action.

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Thanks. That makes sense. I have a couple window/door sensors, I just didn’t get around to installing them yet. Wasn’t sure if it was malfunctioning. I guess the implication is, you can’t just use motion detectors for security. The motion detectors aren’t armed in the STAY mode, and you can’t arm the AWAY mode without going through a door sensor (unless you use the app).

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