Arming Stay - auto lock doors? (ADT/SmartThings Hub)

I’ve searched all over but cannot find anything about Arming Stay and triggering all unlocked doors to lock except 1 thread from 2017 (How to lock doors when setting armed status to SHM "Armed"?) and they said to use routines which i don’t believe are available in the new app. I can only find stuff the other way, locking/unlocking a door arms or disarms the system.

I’m using the Smartthings ADT hub, but haven’t purchased the ADT service yet. So not sure if this provides any limitations. what i’m trying to do is simulate my old homes system where at night if i set the Arm-Stay alarm either from the panel, or my smart phone, it would check for any unlocked doors and set them to Lock.

i am using kwikset locks.

Routines from classic app were changed to a combination of “automations“ and “scenes“ in the new V3 app.

What you want is an automation with a trigger IF condition where the “security.mode“ changes to armed.

Click on the + in the upper right corner of the main screen.

Choose “automation.“

Then for your if choose “security mode“

Everything else should be obvious.

Make sure you click “save“ on any page that has it.


By the way, if this was a recent purchase, you should be aware that the dual logo ADT/smartthings system is in end-of-life phase, and it’s pretty hard to get support or devices for it. I don’t even know if they let you sign up for the monitoring anymore. You can search the forum for threads from the last six months about it and you’ll see some of the issues people are running into. if it was me, I would return that one and look for something else. Abode, Ring, and Simplisafe are all popular choices For low cost security systems.

Or if you really like ADT, look into ADT blue, which is a company they bought after they decided to end the smartthings integration. It’s now their do it yourself installation line.

None of these have full integration with smartthings, but they are all better security systems now.

unfortunately i bought over a year ago but just never connected to ADT services. had a pain trying to find all the special door and motion sensors that only work with the ADT version so now i’m wishing i’d have held off altogether. Thanks for the recommendations, i’ll look into upgrading further.

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thanks but looks like because i have the ADT version i do not get the Security Mode option for Automations.

Ouch! :disappointed_relieved: I believe it, but I don’t know what to do about it. To be honest, the ADT dual logo hub just doesn’t seem to work very well with the new V3 app, and since the classic app has now been discontinued, I honestly don’t know what people are doing.

@Mavrrick58 , Who is a community expert in the ADT/smartthings dual logo model system, might Know.

Yea there are several things that are playing against this working well. As @JDRoberts has told you the product is considered EOL by samsung and with very little support beyond just keeping it working. The firmware on the hub is way out of date now. Even that is largely debatable. If you are comfortable with going to the Groove IDE you can load ADT Tools and use it to allow for a variety of additional functions to occur. One of the things it can do is allow you to trigger mode changes based on buttons/switches and then also trigger actions to switches based on mode changes.

The problem with suggesting ADT Tools at this point is though it has been working well for some time and adds allot of functions, it depends on the Groovy IDE. That may not be around much longer either. When Smartthings shutsdown the Groovy IDE ADT Tools will no longer be an option. I have been pretty open about the fact I am not converting it to the new API and running infrastructure for other folks for something so critical. This just isn’t a great time to be a Smartthings ADT Alarm panel customer. Samsung could suprise us and bring it up to date and keep it around a while, I just really don’t see it happening

To address your last statement specifically many folks had success by creating the location, installing all of the standard security apps on it, and then adding the ADT Smartthings Panel hub to the location. The key is once you do that several app installs get disabled. You just want them there before you do it. They may get tagged as unsupported, but that is how I have StHM now. I am not saying you should do that though, just that it is the way to get the options loaded and on your location. That security mode option is directly related to StHM and only shows up after it is installed.